Geographical regions of Peace Island

The central region highlighted brown represents the Highlands

Highlands Map 1

The Emerald Highlands map

The Emerald Highlands or Highlands are a geographical interstate region on Peace Island in both Sylvania and Oceana. It is Peace Island's most mountainous region, including its highest point, the Mount Emerald. There are 367 (excluding the Clave Rock population) people residing within the Sylvanian part of the Emerald Highlands.

The area is situated in the western center of the island and is surrounded by the Stephen Headland, the Train Village Plains, the Central Hill Land and the Pacific Plains. The region is not easy accessible, due to the rocky underground. Lovia's longest river, the Beaver River, has its spring on the flanks of these mountains.

Castle Donia

Castle Donia in the Emeralds

Train Village is often regarded as the gateway to the Highlands. The TV hamlet Clave Rock is located within the Sylvanian Highlands. Donia Castle, home to the Donia Clan, is also located in the Emerald Highlands. The beautiful nature, the neo-romantic Castle Donia and the clean inviroment with a rich wildlife and many opportunities for outdoor-activities attract much tourism every year. Lately, members of the Brigade are known for patrolling the area looking for poachers and illegal hunting.

Cardinale spring water is produced in this region.

Mountains Edit

A short list of mountains in the Emerald Highlands, listed by height:

  1. Mount Emerald (3,036.4 ft, 925.5 m, Oceana-Sylvania)
  2. Mount Smith (2,951 ft, 899.5 m, Oceana)
  3. Mount Bellevue (2,895 ft, 882.4 m, Sylvania)
  4. Moose Hill (2,503 ft, 762.9 m, Sylvania)
  5. G.S. Likewise Mountain (2,380 ft, 725.4 m, Oceana)
  6. Mount Noble (2,377 ft, 724.8 m, Sylvania)

Bodies of Water Edit

A list of lakes, sorted by surface area.

  1. Pend Orielle Lake (203 acres, .83 square kilometers)

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