Ellis Carmona (born 3rd June 1988, St. Lucia) is a Lovian-St. Lucian goalkeeper. He was born in Soucis, St. Lucia to Delron Carmona and Maria Cane. He and his family moved to Lovia in 1995. Since he was 13, he has been playing in youth clubs. Clubs like FC Caltrava, FC Magnus Réal Sportas, and FC Villanova have offered Carmona contracts. FC Villanova and FC Magnus have offered him expensive contracts, but this has now been eclipsed by FC Caltrava's $29 million, three-year contract, the most expensive contract in Lovian sports history.

He plays since 2009 for FC Caltrava but he has still played seven matches and he goes maybe in the second part of the LSCA Major Soccer League 2012 to an other team in the abroad but he also plays for the Lovian National Soccer Team.

In 2010, he was on loan in FC Magnus Réal Sportas and in 2011 in FC Villanova but he still plays for FC Caltrava.

Carreer statistics Edit

season club country competition played matches goals
2009 FC Caltrava Flag of Lovia Small Lovia / 2 0
2010 → FC Magnus Réal Sportas Flag of Lovia Small Lovia LSCA Major Soccer League 0 0
FC Caltrava 4
2011 FC Caltrava Flag of Lovia Small Lovia / 1 0
FC Villanova 2
2012 FC Caltrava Flag of Lovia SmallLovia LSCA Major Soccer League 0 0
Totaal 9 0

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