Edward Tevanian Identity
Edward Tevanian
Name Edward Tevanian
Full name Edward Quessy Tevanian
Born 9 April, 1980, San Francisco
Functions journalist, businessman
Languages English, Spanish

Edward Tevanian is a American-Lovian businessman and the main owner (55%) of Founders Inc, including a number of the nation's major newspapers.


Tevanian was born in San Francisco to Arnold Tevanian, a second generation Armenian-Californian, and Louise Quessy, a Lovian woman born in Train Village. Although he lived in the US during his childhood, he paid a number of visits to Lovia on holidays. After completing school, he entered UCLA, graduating with a history degree. During his time at university, he was a prominent writer for a number of student newspapers.

After graduation, he and two other friends jointly set up an online news site which proved highly successful. Tevanian ended up moving to Lovia in 2002 to write full-time on Lovian news. After some very enjoyable years, he decided that the culture and politics were too appealing and made the decision to settle in Lovia permanently. By 2008, however, the Lovian branch of the business began to suffer as many new native competitors emerged, and in 2009 Tevanian could no longer afford to employ himself to work full time on Lovian reporting. He sold his share in the business, and found a new job working for The House Publishers.

In 2013, Tevanian decided to return to the newspaper business. He purchased the Newhaven Mercury from K.S. Shamilov for L$200,000 and simultaneously founded a sister paper, the Northern Telegraph. Due to his good relations with Founders Inc, made during his time at House, he was able to get the papers registered with the Alpha Press Association, the most well-known such organisation in Lovia.

On April 14th, Tevanian purchased a 55% share in Founders Inc for an undisclosed figure, but one which was estimated to be over a million Lovian dollars. Both the Mercury and the Telegraph were incorporated into Founders as part of the deal.