Name Eastwood
Population 378[1]
Language(s) Lovian English, Bredish
Next to Rosswood
Nicknames Die Oost
Eastwood sign

Eastwood (Bredish: Os Woilt or Die Os Woilt) is a large Lovian hamlet in the state of Clymene. Eastwood is located on Asian island, near Rosswood. The hamlet was founded in 1896 by Dutch immigrants as "Oostwoud". It was later anglicized to "Eastwood". There is little economic activity in and around Eastwood itself. Most people commute to Plains for their work.

The common Oceana surname Eastwood is unrelated to the hamlet.

The biggest employer of Eastwood is the staterun North Clymene Medical Center which has 15 employees.

Geography Edit

Eastwood is close to Rosswood, east of Plains, on the northeastern part of Asian Island. The hamlet is located on a an alluvial fan. The land around Eastwood consists of marshes and forested wetlands, most notably the Eastwood Marsh.

Facilities Edit

There is one shop and a church in Eastwood. There is also a primary school and a graveyard. There are no farms around Eastwood, and most of the land around the hamlet is not cultivated.

References and notes Edit

  1. Census of 2013

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