The Eastern Star Tower is a highrise building on Eppinck Square, in Mandarin Village, Noble City, Sylvania. It was originally intended to be an embassy center for Asian nations, but several other embassies and offices also found their way into the building, though the building is still primarily an embassy center for Asian nations.

The building was designed by Sheraldin Architects, and has received praise for its architecture.

The Asian nations with embassies or consulates in the building include Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and China, and Tibet, which is not an official country. There are consulate-level facilities for Bhutan, Nepal, Laos, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, North Korea and the Philippines.

The main part of the building (including the highrise section) is built on poles, with a space under it. This space is divided into various uses: an open courtyard (located on top of an underground parking, which has some stairs and a driving-ramp from the road down to it), stairwells from the building, and a large garden, which also stretches beyond the edges of the space underneath the building ("open-sky" sections). This garden is dominated by bamboo and East Asian-style art, including numerous ponds. The section of the garden under the building is illuminated both by lights and skylights (in the centre of the building, there is an open space stretching all through the building; numerous other "straight skylights" are located within pillars; and there are also numerous mirror-lined skylights which "emerge" at the sides of the building). In the centre of the building, below the giant skylight-section, there is a large fountain, where water spills from the lowest floor of the building into a pond.

Inspired by the fountain in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the garden features approx. 200 cymbals, each representing a country and decorated by the flag of the country it represents. The Asian nations have their cymbals in the fountain-pond.

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