Geographical regions of Peace Island

East Sylvania is highighted in reddish-pink

East Sylvania is a wide Lovian geographical region on Peace Island. This region that is fully located within Sylvania has a low population density. The important Highway 1 and the Grand Interstate Railway both run right through this region connecting Noble City and Newhaven. The Plemming Forest is located here and a new hamlet was planned, but considered unrealizable as there is too little interest in this region. There are currently 864 people residing within East Sylvania.

The region is very suitable for various forms of agriculture and is very green. To the west it is bordered by the Train Village Plains and to the south by the Noble City Bay Area. All other sides of the region are bordered by the sea, mostly the Blue Sea, the Noble City Bay, or other parts of the Pacific Ocean.

Costello Enterprises is headquartered in the southwestern portion of East Sylvania, just north of the Noble City Bay Area. East Sylvania was considered suitable for the corporation's headquarters because of its isolated natural wilderness.

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