Railway station
Name East Hills Railway Station
Built 2014 - 2015
Location East Hills
Line(s) Seal of Oceana Emerald State Line
Platforms 2
Tracks 6
Owner State of Oceana
Administration Oceana State Department of Public Services

The East Hills Railway Station is a Lovian railway station. It is located in East Hills, Oceana. The building was built in 2015.

Before 2014, the remnants of a former railway station lie at approximately the same location as the current railway station.

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Seal of Oceana Emerald State Line Seal of Oceana
operated by the Seal of Oceana State of Oceana
Shkola Hurbanovni Small arrows left East Hills Small arrows right none (terminus)

The train goes to Shkola Hurbanovni Railway Station and further to Hurbanova Railway Station.

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Free information on railways operated by the Pacific Railroad Company and a railroad map: click here.

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