Dubourg Montjoy is an international auction house with regional offices in Lovia and Brunant. It specializes in dealing with fine art, currency and automobiles.


Dubourg Montjoy was founded in 1997 with the merger of Lovia's Dubourg Auction house and Montjoy of Brunant. Dubourg Montjoy has several owners. About 35% is owned by the Brunanter Murais family, Lovian businesswoman Sophie Murais owns 9%...

2012 AuctionEdit

  1. Starting bid: L$ 28,000. Estimate: 35,000-45,000. Sold for L$65,100.
  2. Starting bid: L$ 35,000. Estimate: 40,000-48,000. Sold for L$94,000.
  3. Starting bid: L$ 22,000. Estimate: 35,000-42,000. Sold for L$75,000.
  4. Starting bid: L$ 20,000. Estimate: 30,000-40,000. Sold for L$94,000.
  5. Starting bid: L$ 65,000. Estimate: 125,000-180,000. Sold for L$400,000.
  6. Starting bid: L$ 20,000. Estimate: 45,000-55,000. Sold for L$103,300.
  7. Starting bid: L$ 33,000. Estimate: 65,000-78,000

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