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Drenthe Castle is a castle from Brunant, now located in Ferguson Beach Village, Lovia. it is the oldest building located in Lovia, dating to the late 15th century.

History Edit

The castle was built around 1480 in Brunant. Although it had defenses, it was mainly used as a residence for the von Herrenhausen family. In 1873, the family sold the residence to earn extra money. Since then, the castle remained in disuse. In 1922, the government bought it, but it was neglected. Lovian-Brunanter actor Arthur Horst bought the castle in 1953 at a very low price. That year, he had the main building transported to Lovia and rebuilt. The wings of the castle were modern but built to look antique. Upon his death, it was converted into a museum, showcasing Lovia's rich acting/film history, as well as that of Brunant.

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