Dreamland Lovia is a theme park situated on the former Alfreds Plantation between Clinton and Adoha on Truth Island in Clymene. It is Lovia's largest theme park with over 105 rides and attractions, including fifteen roller coasters.

The park is made up of several themed lands: Lovia Parade, Nickelodeon Universe, Hard Rock World, Gold Rush Country, The Backwoods, Hop-Scotch Island and the Dreamland Corroboree. These lands have a collection of rides, animal exhibits, shows, food outlets and merchandise shops.

History Edit

Construction and opening Edit

In 1971, entrepreneur Alexander Stravinsky, the father of musicians and entertainers Selena Stravinsky, Bubblegum, and Stacy Stravinsky, put his dream of building a theme park into practice and purchased the former Alfreds Plantation on Truth Island. 358 workers from around the world were hired to build the park, spending 16-hour shifts each.

The park was officially opened in May 1980 by King Arthur III of Lovia. Opening day attractions included the IMAX Theatre, the Rally Grounds (now Pepsi Park), the Vintage Cars, the Thunderbolt enclosed roller coaster, the Chicken Theatre and the Captain Alexander Paddle-wheeler.

1980s Edit

Since then Dreamland has constantly evolved adding new rides, themed lands and characters. One year after opening in 1982, Hop-Scotch Island opened, themed after the band Hop-Scotch.

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