The Royal Palace

The Donia Coup of May 2013 was a failed attempt at overthrowing King Dimitri I by controversial ex-Prime Minister Ygo August Donia and his private militia. Following several speeches in public, and threating to overthrow the King by force if he did not retreat by a certain time, Donia marched up to the Royal Palace in Noble City. When the tension reached a boiling point, Dimitri fled the palace. The militants were held off by the police after a quick battle, and Donia and his men ended up in custody. When nobody pressed charges they were set free again. Dimitri remained King until August 2013, when he abdicated in favour of his second cousin Sebastian.

Sebastian was seen as a favorite of Donia by some, hence it is argued the Donia Coup proved, in the long run, a victory for the Donia Clan. It effectively damaged Dimitri's already fragile reputation beyond repair. Ultimately this lead to the King's downfall and abdication.

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