The Done, flowing through the Duenn Forests.

The Done (IPA: /doʊ̯n/, Oceana pronunciation: /d̪onə/) is a small river in the northern part of the Lovian state of Oceana. The Done origins from two rivers, the Pester and That Hraght, which both have their source in the Central Hill Land. It drains, without a delta, into the Pacific Ocean.

The Done is vital for many species, including a very rare type of Pacific salmon, Oncorhynchus skyhlan (or commonly known as School salmon).

Etymology Edit

The name "Done" is derived from the Polish word dłoń (which means "palm of the hand"), as the valley carved out by the river has the form of a palm. The original pronunciation is still reflected in the adjectival use of "Done", as in Duenn Forests (Oceana pronunciation: /d̪ɔnʲ/), which derives from "Duonj-" + "-ni", showing vowel harmony, which used to be common in the East Hills dialect.

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