The districts of Clymene (Bredish: Anparisje de Noortstat) are the official subdivisions of the state of Clymene. There are 7 districts, with 2 urban and 5 rural.

List of subdivisions Edit

Hexacode District


Location Settlements
CL-NE 1. Northeastern District Asian Island Eastwood, Rosswood
CL-NC 2. North Clymene District[2] Asian Island Rosendorp, Nóngyè, New Aberdeen
CL-HM 3. Howard Mountains District Asian Island Xiandu


CL-TH 4. Timber Harbor District Asian Island Timber Harbor, Feltmolen
CL-ED 5. Eastern District Asian Island Cornwall, Lisney, Abington
CL-PL 7. Urban Asian Island Plains
CL-SO 8. Urban Asian Island Sofasi

Notes and referecnes Edit

  1. Rural districts
  2. Sometimes referred to as "Greater Plains District"

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