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Dietrich Honecker is a American-Lovian businessman and controversial far-right politician. He is the founder of the Iron Guard Party and lead it until the fourth of January 2010 when he was exiled from Lovia. The party was then lead by the controversial politician Pierlot McCrooke and then by the controversial politician Drabo Doorian, who later killed himself. As of June 2011 he was a member of the UNS and represented his party in Congress.

Early life and education Edit

As a child, Dietrich was sent abroad to boarding school in Switzerland by his father Frederick Honecker. He received the A.B. in Political Science from Yale in 1978 and J.D. from the Pepperdine School of Law in 1981 before returning to Lovia.

Politics and business Edit

Honecker has been an outspoken critic of the "socialist government of Lovia" and of King Dimitri I of Lovia. He has used his radio stations to advocate for the privatization of the Federal Police, often vaguely suggesting his company's Heartland division could handle the country's internal security duties.

He, in turn, has been criticized by an assortment of prominent Lovian groups including Greenpeace Lovia, the Amalgamated Congress of Labor and the Anti-Fascist League. He has been named a fascist by numerous prominent Lovians. He is under suspicion of having violated the Constitution and is currently banned from Lovia for several months alongside Drabo Doorian and Brenda Young, both prominent IGP-followers.

Honecker is the president of Honecker Holdings, Ltd. and the current principle heir to the Honecker telegraph fortune. In February 2010, Calathriner Industries started a hostile takeover of his company.

2011 Civil War Edit

On the 22th of October, 2011, Honecker was freed from jail by I. G. La Blaca of the UNS, the party Honecker had endorsed from jail. Honecker decides to join the rebels as an officer and is warmly welcolmed by them, joining the conflict. In last few days of October Honecker has caught in a raid in southeast Clyemne, the same raid that caught Hessel Doorian on the Doorian farm. Both were put into jail.

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