The Diary of Matthew Thompson

Thompson diary

Author Matthew Thompson
Language Flag of Lovia Small English
Publisher Alphabet Publishers
Publication date 2008 (Lovia)
Editions One (1st)
Genre Fictional autobiography, alternate history
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 274

The Diary of Matthew Thompson is a Lovian fictional autobiography written by Matthew Thompson. This book describes a surreal alternate history where the author is shipwrecked on an unexplored Love Island. Many incongruities in the book are not explained, such as why the island is unexplored or the precise nature or origin of the device called the Inculator.

Literary critics have described it as 'a masterful allegory of a Lovian immigrant's journey to citizenship.'

Extracts from the book Edit

Prologue Edit

Welcome to the diary of Matthew Thompson. I am currently on Love Island after falling overboard off a boat. I am keeping a diary of my discoveries until I am rescued.

Day One Edit

I have woken up apon the beautiful sandy beach of Love Island, and have made contact with a nation called Lovia. I don't know when I will be rescued so I better make the most of my stay. I now have made contact with the king. I have also explained my situation to his advisor Lars. I should now make my way from the beach into the vast forest that is in front of me.

These bushes and vines are thick! This is exhausting! Maybe these berries may give me some energy. Blarrgh! They didn't agree with me at all. I'm starting to feel faint...

Day Two Edit

Whoa... My head... Who are you? Come back!! Drat! She's gone! I can't believe my luck! First I get thrown overboard then I get poisoned and then the only girl I have seen on this island runs away after I wake up! What next?

Well I better look around. Maybe that girl is around. I should thank her for what she has has done when I find out what she has done.

I think I should head North. Nope, South. I should walk South. What's that? In the trees? The girl! Drat again! She's gone again! I may see her later. For now I will explore the South side of the Island.


<signal dies from here>

Some time later Edit

Ouch. My head.... What happened? Where am I. .Is that.. A campfire? What's That? <Transmission ends here>

Epilogue Edit

He has yet to reveal what went on during his very long stay there. Reports say he didn't bring anyone back with him.

All the reader is told after this point is that Matthew escaped the island after over a year and became a citizen of Lovia. No-one came with him from the island.