Devil In The Details
Devil In The Details
Devil In The Details performing in Malipa, 2010. From left to right: Thomas Oxley, Hugo Richards, Quentin Chaplin and Blake Rice.
Background information
Origin Seal of Malipa Malipa, Seal of Newhaven Newhaven
Genres Alternative rock, pop rock
Active 2006-present
Label Red Horse Records
2009 Deliberately Drowning
2011 On The Lookout
Thomas Oxley
Quentin Chaplin
Blake Rice
Hugo Richards

Devil In The Details is a Lovian alternative rock band from Malipa, Newhaven, formed in 2006. It comprises Thomas Oxley, Quentin Chaplin and Blake Rice who played together throughout high school. Hugo Richards joined the band as permanent studio member and performer in 2008. The band came out with Deliberately Drowning in October 2009. Their first studio album became a moderate commercial success. A major breakthrough is expected as they bring out their new album, On The Lookout, in February 2011. The band started under an independent studio but is currently signed to Red Horse Records.

History and lineup Edit

Thomas Oxley, Quentin Chaplin and Blake Rice played together in a high school band from 2001 up to 2005. They decided to focus fully on their musical career soon after they graduated. In 2006 they started to perform under the name of 'Devil In The Details', an idiom Chaplin picked up when gathering legal advice. In lineup with various drummers the threesome played at local bands and became a regular at the Blackburn University college radio. In 2008 Hugo Richards became the band's permanent drummer and also managed to sign the band a contract at an independent studio. In October 2009 the band came out with their first studio album, Deliberately Drowning, which became a moderate commercial success. Their single Woman Beneath The Waves even reached #12 in the EastWest Top 25. In 2010, the band switched its independent label for Red Horse Records due to a fight over what Oxley called 'the artistic right to freedom'. The breakthrough to the big public is expected to come as the band releases their new album On The Lookout in February 2011.

The music and lyrics are written by Oxley and Chaplin. The band changes his lineup according to the needed instrumentals and performed with various drummers until Richards became a permanent member of the band. A history of the general lineup since 2006:

Discography Edit

Studio Albums Edit

Singles Edit

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