Denis Grigorev Identity
Denis Grigorev
Name Denis Grigorev
Full name Denis Alexeievich Gregorev
Sex Male Male
Born June 21st, 1969, Novosevensk
Spouse Tatiana Grigoreva
Home Novosevensk Seal Novosevensk.
Functions unofficial Governor of Novosevensk
Languages English, Russian
Russian Orthodox

Denis 'Deniska' Alexeyevich Grigorev (born June 21, 1954) is a Lovian politician and businessman and formerly the unofficial Governor of Novosevensk. He became the unofficial Governor during the 2012 independence protests in Novosevensk, but stepped down after only ten days. His government never officially declared independence.

Grigorev was born in Novosevensk to Russian parents and as a child lived in Lovia, Russia and the United States. He attended Moscow University where he got a degree in Law. At the age of 30, he returned to Noble City where he worked for the Lovian government. He became a firm believer in Novosevensk independence and protested for it for many years, until the protests broke out in 2012.

Grigorev is married to a fellow politician called Tatiana and they have four children. Grigorev speaks Russian and English.