David York Identity
Name David York
Full name David Ferenc York
Sex Male Male
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Languages English

David F. York (6 November, 1960) is a Lovian artist and modern painter inspired by pop-art, dadaism and expressionism. He paints both abstract and figurative work, and is famous for his performances. He can be compared with Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, although his oeuvre doesn't consist fully of pop-art paintings.

York makes the artwork for the comic Little Lovians as well.

Biography Edit

York was born on 6 November 1960, Noble City, Lovia. After his study, he was unemployed for a long period. In his thirties, he became comic illustrator, and eventually, in his late thirties even painter.

York's uncle, Gregory, was a graphic designer, notable for designing the album art for The Dynas and The Queen of the Heart.

Paintings Edit

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