Alexei Krasnov
Personal information
Full name Alexei Krasnov
Date of birth 8 May 1981
Place of birth Noble City, Sylvania
Languages English, Russian
Party affiliation Independent
Term 2012-present

Alexei Krasnov (born 8 May 1981, Noble City) is a former Lovian politician of Russian origin. He was the former Governor of Seven.


Alexei Krasnov was born in Noble City on the 8th May, 1981. He only remained in Noble City for four years of life before his family moved to Novosevensk. His first learnt language was Russian, as his family wanted him to be a Russian speaker however whilst at school also learnt English. He became a fluent speaker in both of his languages, and lived in Novosevensk for many years. His father owned many oil fields located in Russia and was fairly rich. His father died whilst Alexei was only 18, resulting in Krasnov to afford a good education. He attended a small operating area of Nobel University, studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics in order to become a politician. Because of his university studies taking place at Nobel University, he resided in a trendy apartment in Noble City purchased by just a small amount of his father's passed down money. He sold his apartment and instead purchased two more, one located in Train Village with the other located in Old Kinley.

Krasnov quickly became a popular figure among the citizens of Seven, particularly Russian citizens. He joined the Conservative Nationalist Party in order to show his political stance, and he gained even more supporters from Seven. He became a Member of the Congress, and in the 2013 State elections was beaten by the incumbent Semyon Breyev, who received support due to his record. Breyev passed away in the early months of 2014, resulting in Alexei Krasnov to become the new Governor of Seven. He quickly began his duties in Seven, including maintaining and improving the education standards, and building the Kinley Hospital, the first hospital located in Seven.

Krasnov has committed his future to being the Governor of Seven for many years to come, and often compliments both the state's American and Russian citizens. Before committing his future to being the Governor of Seven, many influential newspapers in both Lovia and Russia have linked him joining United Russia in Russia, and becoming a member of the party. He is currently not in a public relationship, however many newspapers and citizens believe that Krasnov is privately dating someone. He is one of the most influential figures in Seven for his quick spending and construction of Kinley Hospital, which has saved many lives of people who had to formerly fly to Clymene or further states for hospital care.

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