Cynthiana Miller Identity
Cynthiana Miller
Name Cynthiana Miller
Status Citizen
Sex Female Female
Born October 31st 1956, Charleston, Stephen Headland
Home Charleston, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania
Functions Director of The Organization
Owner of the National Bank of Lovia,
United Pharmaceuticals,
Saxxon Energy, Lovian Hardware,
Party affiliation Independent
Languages English

Cynthiana A. Miller (born October 31st 1956) is a local patron of the city of Charleston, Sylvania and is a current resident of Noble City. She is the first and current Director of The Organization. While not completely interested into politics, she is a business woman, holding several sharings in various companies.

Biography Edit

While not much is known about Miller, she is known to have been born of October 31st of 1956, she has provided nothing of her family or childhood. 

At the age of 17, she had left her home in the Stephen Headlands to pursue a college degree at Blackburn University, Noble City in economic and religious and cultural studies. After finishing college she traveled the globe, venturing to many religiously important areas of the globe. When returning to Lovia in 1986, she helped form Scribner Pharmaceuticals with Nathaniel, providing financial aid and venture capital. In 1991, she developed the Lovian National Bank, after several years of economic performance on the international level, mostly due to Lovia's tax haven status, the Lovian National Bank became one of the most powerful banking institutions on the planet. When Lovia had contemplated on the idea of forming its own currency, Miller was heavily against the idea, but after the emplacement of the new dollar she decided to back of the new dollar with acquired gold for her own private bank. 

Miller providing Scribner large amounts of political power inside of the Lovia government, issued that he step down from the Chairman of Scribner Pharmaceuticals, saying she will back the October Coup and he can become Prime Minister. Knowing that Nathaniel's plans would fail. After the war had ended, she proclaimed herself a Lovian patriot for helping the Lovian government in funding its effort. Months after the Civil War, Miller took control over Scribner Pharmaceuticals and renamed it United Pharmaceuticals, she installed Joseph Hardy as the company's CEO just two days later.