Fabre master portraitist

HANS FABRE is considered to be one of the finest painters to ever come out of a wikination. Living from 1604 to 1667, he came to become one of the greatest painters of the late renaissance, with great renown. What many do not know is that Fabre, for most of his life was an impoverished crook who was twice evicted for not being able to pay rent. Fabre went from cheating his way to a bare minimum of money to becoming one of the wealthiest and most celebrated artists of the age.

Fabre trained as an artist in Niesburg in the 1620s, though he would work as a blacksmith for regular income. Fabre was no doubt a talented artists, but given the difficulty of selling art, he employed the services of "businessmen" who would create a demand for his work. Fabre would become a well-known painter and portaitist, but still
The Primordial Orgy (detail)
had to rely on his work as a blacksmith for steady income.

Due to this he was evicted from his house in Niesburg and moved to modern-day Carrington. There he would work on some of this most famous work, including his famous The Primordial Orgy. But soon enough, he fell back into a pattern of debt and deceit and was evicted form his house again. With what little he had, Fabre made his way to France and he then came under the employ of the future King Henri of Cettatie. By 1656 he became the official court painter, and for the next 110 years lived in wealth and comfort as the King's preferred portraitist. 

Fabre today is renowned as a master of the brush, for painting exquisite women and detailed portraits. Few really know the man behind the canvas, a lying, cheating blacksmith who paid his way into renown.


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