Beautiful towns

WHILE WE DO live in the 21st century and the modern age, one can travel to a nation and see many vestiges of their past and their history. Cultura took a look at some of the most beautiful towns and villages in wikinations.

Donderstad was founded in the late 13th century and in the following centuries was the site of a number of sieges. It is a miracle that most of the old town has survived, being restored in the 1990s. Pabella, as it was originally
Tannes House
called was founded on a hill and there one can see the Mediterranean as well as enjoy a walk by the many plazas, churches and old monuments.

Tanisbury town is largely a modern city, but it is in the surroundings where one can discover the local beauty. The immediate countryside is dotted by charming cottages and stately country homes, many being built in the 17th though 19th centuries.

Abingdon in winter

Marchenilla was founded in the 17th century and soon became known for it's large country houses and many gardens. The town center is full of old colonial houses, their peeling paint adding a certain charm to this old town.

Bro castle
Despite only being 100 years old, Abington has that classic American village charm. It is centered around a main street littered with shops and is also known for large Victorian houses built a century ago.
Old houses sint-anders

Bro is a small 14th century village centered around Lake Bro. This small village is spread over the south shore and three small islands, where one can find an old monastery and a castle nestled among the trees.

Sint-Anders is a small town well-known for it's old center. In the center of Brunant's wine country, the town is dotted with colorful houses, the pinks and yellows standing out. The beautiful church and market along the Church Square mark the most beautiful sector of the town, where tourists and locals gather to snakc at the nearby cafes.


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