Csongor is a game native to the Lovian state of Seven, which continues to be popular in the state and to a lesser extent throughout Lovia.


The game is played on a pitch at least two miles long and one mile wide; traditionally the entirety of American Island is used. Each team has fifty ‘bandits’ (traditionally an unlimited number) and one runner. The aim is for each team to get their runner, starting from their end of the pitch, to the opponents’ end first. This may be done by any means, though in recent years rules have been introduced preventing gouging, biting, scratching, hitting, throwing objects at, or lifting an opponent after deaths occurred. Generally the runner is a fast sprinter well acquainted with the geography of the surrounding countryside.


The game originated with a famous story/legend about postman Edvard Csongor who in 1929 had to deliver an unknown parcel from Kinley to a house in the east of American Island. For some reason, a large group of men attempted to waylay him on the road, but due to his excellent knowledge of the island’s geography, he thwarted the pursuers.

After a well-known court case against the gang of criminals, Csongor became somewhat of a local hero, and the sport developed out of an attempt to commemorate the event a few years later. The rules were gradually refined over the years, and encouraged by the governor.

Status todayEdit

Today, the sport continues to be played, and each island has its own team, as well as Old Kinley and Canterbury which have one each. The last two are generally considered far the best, although knowledge of local geography plays such a great role that they are generally beatable when playing another team on their home ground. There are also teams based in Noble City and Clymene, as well as by Seven expatriate communities in San Francisco and Honolulu. These eleven teams together make up the Association of Csongur Teams .

There are also youth teams and smaller, unofficial teams, which exist due to the difficulty of finding fifty players for a team.

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