Crystal Math is an alternative electronica collective from Noble City, Sylvania. Crystal Math was formed in 2005 by three friends. The band consists of Jason Cameron, Debra Hoffman and Rudolph Stewart-Kinley. Crystal Math have released a steady output of remixes and live sets over the years, and released two studio albums. They refuse to play any prerecorded music on stage, and only do livesets. Their musical skill is both praised and criticized. Some music reviewers criticize the band for releasing "too artsy" material. 

Crystal Math is characterized by their unusual approach to electronic music. They prefer to jam using old synthesizers and keyboards, generating a creative flow. A characteristic "stutter" in the synthesizer sounds and an ethereal, dynamic bass are the signature sounds of the band. Their ability to use samples in such a way that they are almost unnoticeable has been praised. Some songs use heavy overdubbing with live guitar, played by Hoffman. The shimmering keyboard sounds, courtesy to Cameron, are omnipresent in their songs.

Crystal Math creates headphone music, not suitable for dance floors, and has refrained from traditional song structures. Their energetic and dynamic live shows have been praised though, and they are a crowd-puller at festivals with their noisy stoner electronica. Their music is sometimes referred to as an hybrid of the Scottish band Boards of Canada and the Japanese drone band Boris. 

Discography Edit

Studio work Edit

  • The 1990s Were A Strange And Wonderful Time (2005, EP)
  • A Violent Youth (2007, full-length)
  • Innocence Lost (2011, full-length)

Live sets Edit

  • Komikoni
  • Karakuna
  • Headphone Dragons
  • Newhaven 2007
  • Noble City 2008
  • Sacramento 2008
  • Bluebell Rage Adventure
  • Noise I
  • Noise II
  • Kanalukanamata

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