The Cornwall naming referendum, 1929 was the first ever referendum held in Cornwall over the naming of the present day settlement of Cornwall. The referendum was whether to change the name of the settlement from "New Cornwall" to "Cornwall". The new Conservative Government decided to have a referendum over a number of issues that were debated from the settlement's founding. The Conservatives also set out the rules for referendums and how they should take place. The naming referendum itself was approved by a 13-2 vote, with Dina Oxford of the Moderate Party and Xavier Walsh a Cornish Progressive Party member voting against. The referendum occurred over a very short period of time in November for about two weeks.

One debate was held in the town square with Conservative Councilor Nick Gwavas speaking in support and Conservative Councilor Frank Oswalt speaking against it. Nick Gwavas was a passionate speaker pointing out that most residents in the settlement already called it "Cornwall" and on some government documents that "New" wasn't even added. In addition it was cultural to just call it Cornwall and be closer to the United Kingdom. Finally as a try to tie economics in supporters said that new signs and other things would have to be made and maybe create some minor stimulus.


The result was a support for the referendum and the settlement's name changed officially. A "Yes" vote declared that the name of the settlement should be changed to Cornwall, a "No" vote declared that the name of the settlement should not be changed. The rules for the referendum were met that 50% of the franchise came out to vote and 50% of those voters supported it. It was said that on the voting day there was rain all day in the morning which might have affected voter turnout. 

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1929 Cornwall naming referendum
Vote Votes %
Yes 115 57%
No 86 43%
Total 201 100%

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