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The Cornish Progressive Party (CPP) is the oldest local political party in the settlement of Cornwall. The Party's founder Craig Baxter also was Cornwall's first Mayor and helped establish the basic laws, regulations, and taxes so the Cornwall Council could function. The Party is one of the more dominant in Cornwall having been in government multiple times throughout the 1900s and most recently in the 2000s. The Party is known for it's broad leftist ideology of progressivism to socialism throughout the years establishing social welfare in Cornwall. Most notably is the Party's dedication to the co-operative movement and "socialist communitarianism" which can be seen in the Party's members creating the first credit unions.

Craig Baxter of the Cornish Progressive Party became Cornwall's first Mayor

Along with the Conservatives and Liberal Future they were one of the parties trying to defy the centralization during 2010. Along with the other Parties they will run a slate of candidates in the upcoming Cornwall Council elections and referendum, 2013.

Election resultsEdit

  • 1920 - The CPP led by Craig Baxter won three district seats, the Council Presidency, and five seats in Proportional representation elections. 

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