Cops is the seventh studio album by Popscene, released on 5 October 2010. The album had significant electronic and folk influences, and was criticised for lack of long songs and heavy rock pieces. In the words of Tone Factory, 'This is more like 'Vocal Songs for the Instrumentally Challenged'.'

One single was released: 'Heavier Than A Death In The Family'.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Normal"   4:24
2. "Out of the Dark"   2:56
3. "Cops"   4:01
4. "The Future of Music"   3:39
5. "Heavier Than A Death In The Family"   3:47
6. "Who You Like"   3:20
7. "Bearded Lady"   1:58
8. "Room One"   5:22
9. "Escape Soundtrack" (instrumental) 8:37
10. "Himalaya"   3:12
11. "A New Way To Warn"   3:43
Total length:

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