Cools Robinson Identity
Cools robinson
Name Cools Robinson
Full name Belleville Alexander Robinson
Sex Male Male
Born 5 October, 1921, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Deceased 24 March, 1988, New York, NY
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Musician, singer, songwriter
Languages English
Roman Catholic

Belleville Alexander Robinson, better known as Cools Robinson (1921-1988) was a famous Lovian jazz musician, singer and songwriter.


Cools was born in Noble City to Stephen Robinson Jr. (son of the famous founding father). He rose to prominence in the 1950s for his excellent piano-playing skills. Robinson signed with Label Records and released a number of albums, beginning with Someone Like You in 1953 and ending with The Dark Night in 1976.


In 1954 Robinson married but divorced his wife the next year. He was later involved with Marie Bird and had a daughter in 1957, Cora. She would leave him in 1959 for a boxer. He remarried in 1961, to Deborah Coleman. They lived together until her death in 1968.