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In LoviaCongress is the national legislative body and the most powerful branch of government. Congressional Hall is an extension to the First Chamber, in which Ministers can be questioned by MOTCs and debate other political issues in reserved time layed out by the Speaker or one of his clerks. No bills can be debated or introduced in the Hall, as the First Chamber serves that purpose, the Hall's purpose is strictly for debate and scrutiny of ministers and the government.


Congressional Hall is small and seats about 40 people, while attendance is usually around 10.

The Hall was an extension of the east wing of the Capitol next to the First Chamber, it was made to be built in the 2012 Congress under the Illava government and finished in time for the 2013 Congress. Such politicans like Marcus Villanova advocted for the creation of the Hall to hold politicans accountable and scruntize government ministers. He held the first question time on February 8th, 2013.

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