Congress Field

Congress Field

Congress Field is a large Lovian picnic ground in Downtown Noble City owned by congress for charity and local events. The field was constucted from a small park that was run down and turned into a large field. The field was opened in 2006 funded by congress and local contributors. The Congress field holds field days for local schools and other local kid camps. Every summer the park holds a two day event called the Mid-Summer Congressional Picnic, on the first day congress can stoll around the park while kids can play fun games with instructors. On day two global superstars can celebrate Mid-Summer and play games with the kids and give concerts in the fields of the area. Performers like U2, Lady Gaga, M.A.V., Paramore, Muse and Green Day come almost every year to the festivals. Other major events that are held are the Rugby Sevens Festival, where teams from the Lovian Rugby Sevens League play on the field. In winter congress has a winter snowball fight on the first day of winter with fake or real snow pending on the situation. During the snowball fight some congress members even come out to play with the local Lovians.

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