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The Clymene Transportation Authority is a state governmental body of Clymene State Council members to oversee CTAbus and other public transportation areas. The CTA is appointed by the Governor of the State, and the Minister of Labour, Infrastructure and Transportation which the CTA is a department of. 


The CTA was created by the first ever Clymene State Council, and was one of its first acts passed. The CTA's powers and creation are held in the Transportation (Nationalization) Act which created a publicly owned bus company able to offer cheap and extensive service. The CTA's first council was appointed Governor Villanova and LIT Minister Hawkins, which appointed five United Left councilors and five Conservative Nationalist Party members.


The powers the CTA has are described in the later part of the Act. The CTA can create and stop bus lines, set prices for CTAbus and set the schedules for each line. The CTA sets the budget for the company and has to oversee all transportation financial matters. While the bureaucracy can hire and fire bus drivers and mechanics, the CTA has the final say on all matters.

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