The Clymene Readers Club is a Lovian book club based in Sofasi and associated with the Sofasi Library. It was founded November 8 2009, by a group of linguists and philologists from Noble City, including HRH King Dimitri I of Lovia. The CRC's goal is to discuss novels, poetry and literature in a small, cosy group. Membership is free as the book club is funded privately.

Members Edit

Recently read books Edit

Every member of the book club is free to add a list of books he or she has read recently.

  • King Dimitri I of Lovia (last month): De Sandwich by A.F.Th. van der Heijden (Dutch), Noorderlicht by Ferdinand Bordewijk (Dutch), De kellner en de levenden by Simon Vestdijk (Dutch), Juffrouw Lina by Marcellus Emants (Dutch)
  • ...

Now reading Edit

Members of the Clymene Readers Club can tell which book(s) he or she is reading at the moment.

See also Edit

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