Established 2000
Location Seal of Sofasi Sofasi,
Seal of Clymene Clymene
Director Dave Leskromento
Visitor figures 37.000/year
Collection Art paintings

Clymene Art Museum is a popular lovian art museum located in Sofasi directed by Dave Leskromento. It has an art collection of painting from the 1810's to present age. All of it's paintings are and always have been from just Brunanter and Lovian artists. The most notable artists with their paintings featured are Morten Rown (Lovian), Oos Wes Ilava (Lovian) and Ernest E. Talbot.

It is known to be the only art museum in the Northern States (Clymene and Seven), therefore having amazingly extremely high visitor figures.

Leskromento Beach GalleryEdit

The Leskromento Beach Gallery is a gallery where multiple paintings have been put together to make a village. All of the paintings are painted by Morten Rown.