Seal of Clave Rock

Flag of Clave Rock

Name Clave Rock
Hexacode SY-TV-CR
Population 1,231
Language(s) English
Location Sylvanian Emerald Highlands on Peace Island
Nicknames "Clave", "Rocky Village", "Lovia's Hikers and Bikers Paradise"
Highlands Map 1

Clave Rock is a Lovian rural mountain village near Train Village, Sylvania. Named after the Clave Rock formation, the hamlet is situated in the Emerald Highlands of Sylvania. Clave Rock used to be a miners' town and is now gaining reputation as "Lovia's Hikers and Bikers Paradise." It's known to be green, quiet and scenic.

Economy and tourism Edit

The hamlet is on the road to the Emerald Highlands National Park and is slowly developing tourist facilities for hikers in the area. It suffered a great deal from the 2008/2009 economical downturn. Sylvania Governor Martha Van Ghent has started a project to recover the area and make it attractive to both tourists and natives.

Cliff Park on McCrooke Avenue is a small but popular park with a large pond. Swimming is allowed in summer. The bigger Oxelinx Park in the south is especially renowned for its abundancy of butterflies in season. Oxelinx Park is bordered to the north by the Green Pathway, formerly a railway track which has been turned into a paved pathway leading out of the hamlet, into the Emerald Highlands.

There's a small McMarket branch in the hamlet, as well as the locally well-known Emerald Bakery. Along McCrooke Avenue, there's a bike rental and a competing mountaineering store, The National Mountaineer, which sells ans rents outdoors wear, including mountainbikes.

Clave Rock's only lodging facility is the B&B Oxelinx Park, located across Emerald Bakery and on the east end of Oxelinx Park. It has a maximum capacity of five couples, and sometimes also caters breakfast to non-guests. The Stumble-In is a new tavern in the hamlet and the scene of young bands and musicians, occasionally hosting live music performances. The Libertan folk artist Sawyer Hillbilly, who has a residence in the hamlet, performs on a weekly basis at the Stumble-In.

Clave Rock is accessible by railway from Train Village and Noble City.

The hamlet's roads, parks and touristic facilities were heavily renovated and re-organized by Sylvania Governor Martha Van Ghent (Walden) in late 2010. The interstate initiative Highland Society aims to protect the area's scenery, to promote tourism, and to establish bonds with Oceana East Hills.

Hamlet map Edit

Legend Edit

  • each color signifies the function/use of a lot
  • full list: Map colors
  • *1 - Green Pathway northbound extension (in development)
  • *2 - Jameson's Crossing

Map Edit

Anthony Claessens
2 McC.Ave.

*1 Matt Anderson
4 McC.Ave.
Miners Union of Lovia
Sylvania Headquarters
6 McC.Ave.
Cliff Park Sawyer Hillbilly
14 McC.Ave.
*2 Ramsley Family
18 McC.Ave.
22 McC.Ave.
McCrooke Avenue

Elk Punarbhava
1 McC.Ave.

*1 Chinese Sam's
3 McC.Ave.
The Stumble-In
5 McC.Ave.
Ellie Maneth
9 McC.Ave.
Emerald Hall
Highlands Local Government
11 McC.Ave.
The National

13 McC.Ave.
Smith Bike Rental
1 Jameson's Crossing
Citizena logo
17 McC.Ave.
Good Samaritan House
21 McC.Ave.
P. Auerbach Alley

The Share Home
1 Auerbach

*1 Portlandia Community Garden
3 Auerbach
Free Society
5 Auerbach
9 Auerbach
Niels Liberty
11 Auerbach
Eli Ben-Haim
13 Auerbach

15 Auerbach
Clave Rock
Railway Halt

4 Jameson's Crossing
Green Pathway Railway
Oxelinx Park
B&B Oxelinx Park
5 Jameson's Crossing

Emerald Bakery
6A Jameson's Crossing
Oxelinx School
6B Jameson's Crossing

Street names Edit

The McCrooke Avenue was named for Pierlot McCrooke, former mayor of Train Village. The P. Auerbach Alley is named after Patrick Auerbach, one-time Governor of Sylvania. Jameson's Crossing was instead named for P.G. Jameson, a late Romantic poet from the area, who has been more or less forgotten since the mid-20th century.

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