Clarity Studios
Name Clarity Studios
Type Subsidiary
Product Media
Origin Flag of Lovia Small Hurbanova, Lovia
Founded 2003
Headquarters Seal of Oceana Hurbanova, Oceana
Seal of Kings Newhaven, Kings
Seal of Sylvania Noble City, Sylvania

Clarity Studios is a television production company owned by Kaboom Media Group and headquartered in Overbanken, Oceana. It produces most of the television programmes broadcast on Kaboom TV.


Clarity Studios was formed in late 2003 by Kaboom Media Group, to allow the group to produce their own television programmes for their new television company, Kaboom TV.

In 2013, the Kaboom Media Group ceased operations, and Clarity Studios along with its parent company Kaboom TV was sold to Sanvi Smith and the Veloz Group.

Corporate affairsEdit

Clarity Studios is headquartered in Hurbanova, Oceana although its programs are produced in Newhaven and Noble City.

The company's news programs and talk shows are produced in Noble City, but its reality and entertainment shows are produced in Newhaven.

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