Citizena logo
Trading name Citizena
Type Public limited company
Industry Retailing
Founder tbd
Headquarters Transcity, Noble City
Products Supermarket
Owner tbd
Number of employees 5,000 (2015)
Website citizena.lo

Citizena is a large chain of supermarkets in Lovia, headquartered in Transcity, Noble City, Sylvania. The company's legal name is Lovian Citizens Supermarkets plc. Founded in 1955 by tbd, it began as a groceries store located in Citizen Corner however the company's presence in Lovia has increased significantly since. As of May 2015, the company now has 15 superstores located in major areas and 3 corner stores located in smaller villages and hamlets. The company focuses on serving the Lovian citizen and is famed for its quality customer service. The current CEO is John tbd, since January 2011.

Branches Edit





Citizena logo
Subsidiaries: Flag of Lovia Small Citizena
Stores: Bayfield - Clave Rock - Downtown Newhaven - East River - Intercity - Little Frisco - Mandarin Village - Milerose - Old Harbor - Pines - Shepby - Sofasi - The Mall - Transcity

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