Cheryll Mansell Identity
Cheryll Mansell 2
Name Cheryll Mansell
Full name Cheryll Mansell
Sex Female Female
Born July 7, 1984, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Spouse Thomas Ramsley
Home Seal of Sofasi Sofasi
Functions Fashion model
Languages English

Cheryll Mansell (Noble City, 7 July, 1984) is a Lovian fashion model and the sister of fellow model and actor Lindsay Mansell. They are very close as sisters and are often seen together on top class parties and events. The Mansell sisters both have gained much fame and money with modeling work.

Unlike her sister Lindsay, Cheryll never planned to go in modeling business. Cheryll always wanted to do a law career, and when she started her college studies at the Nobel University in 2002, her sister entered modeling with Westling Photo. After four months Cheryll gave up her law studies and applicated at the same studio. She was immediatly admitted to the job and did her first shoot few days later. In 2004, she married librarian Thomas Ramsley and they have one daughter Sarah Ramsley.

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