Dramont type II 1934

1934 Dramont (2011 Best in Show)

The Charleston Beach Concours d’Elegance is a prestigious automobile show held since 1970.

History Edit

The concours was founded in 1969 by various owners of Brunanter classic cars who were organizing a classic car race. In 1970 a car show was first held at Charleston Beach (Koningstad) and since then it has become the main event. In 1973 various Lovian owners entered the competition and since 1975 it has been customary to rotate the hosting of the show between the two countries. In 1982 the concours began hosting its charity auction, where owners sell their cars and donate profits to various charities. The most expensive car sold was a 1929 Martell-Werner ZA coupe, sold in 2009 for €290,000.

Events Edit

The main event is the classic car concours, which is the only graded event. There will also be a modern and concept car display, where owners can enter vehicles for fun.

Concours winners Edit

There are 4 awards presented: top pre-war car, top post-war car, most unique car and Best in show. The most recent winner of the Best in show (2011) was a 1934 Dramont Type II Groenberg roadster. Other recent winners include a 1970 Atlantis 395R (2010) and a one of two 1957 Zedlitz GT300’s (2009). Other notable cars shown in recent years include a 1907 Towne and a 1957 Engel Atlantic sedan.

Entry Edit

The show is limited to cars from various wikinations like Brunant, Lovia and Libertas that were built in 1980 or before. All entrants: please list your vehicle, give a brief description and add a small photo at the gallery below.

2012 Concours Edit

The 2012 show will be held in Hurbanova, Lovia (in April). All people wishing to participate may submit one car below.

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