Pennington and his wife, Isabel

Charles Pennington (1890-1974) was a Lovian businessman. He was born to Walter Wallace Pennington and Sylvie Lebrun.

Early life Edit

From early on Pennington was unsure of wanting to run the family business, a medical supply company. His brother James W. Pennington had shown interest in it. In 1909, Charles attended Nobel University. There he acquired an interest in medicine and felt it could benefit. When his father retired from the business in 1914, Charles inherited the company and ran it with his brother James.

Family Edit

Pennington really had no interest in women. He was introduced to Jane Grey in 1918 and they dated, but he felt that it wouldn't work. It would be only until the 1930s that he would fall in love again. He met Isabel Ramsley in 1930, and fell in love with her. He married Isabel in 1931 and they moved to Kinley. They had 2 kids, Victor Pennington-Ramsley (born in 1931) and Anna Pennington-Ramsley (born in 1933).

Career Edit

Charles Pennington expanded the family business to provide equipment to hospitals, namely Noble City General Hospital and Hurbanoval Hospital.

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