Mr and mrs morgan
Charles Henry Morgan (1853-1937) was a Lovian-Hawaiian farmer and businessman.

The Morgan Hotel in Charleston is named after him. The hotel is part of Legendary Hotels.

Life Edit

Morgan was born in Hilo, Hawaii to a Scottish missionary and his wife. Originally from Edinburgh, they came to convert the natives and ended up working at Haili Church. Morgan went to school in Hawaii and took a job at a local farm. He married nurse Betty Winslow in 1884. They left Hawaii upon the overthrowing of Queen Liliʻuokalani in 1893. The Morgans came to Lovia and settled himself on Stephen Headland and making the Morgan Plantation, famous for its pineapples. He is credited with having named Charleston, a village built by the plantation by its workers. He founded Morgan's Fruit in 1899, which is now the largest produce producer in Lovia. Morgan retired from the business in 1921 and passed it on to his son Henry Morgan.

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