Channel 69 is the seventh studio album by Hop-Scotch, released on July 1, 1989. The concept behind it, and the theme of the album, was human emotion. Despite not doing well in the market, it generated two singles, This Is It? and A Weirder World, which did well on American college radio.

The album's reverse was made to look like a TV guide.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Heroic"   4:00
2. "Subversion"   3:51
3. "This Is It?"   2:44
4. "Stairway To Eleven"   5:02
5. "Unhelpful"   2:16
6. "Live In Your Bedroom"   1:42
7. "Channel 69"   3:58
8. "Consummate"   2:29
9. "Do You Feel This"   5:16
10. "A Weirder World"   3:10
11. "Scarytactic"   2:57
12. "Pull the Plug"   3:11
13. "Event of the Year" (includes hidden track "Wolves") 6:40
Total length:

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