Cecilia Svobodová Identity
Cecilia by isabellaprice-d8pvd2x (2)
A drawing of Cecilia as her character Cecilia Carrotcakes (credit to Cavity-Sam on Deviantart for the original image)
Name Cecilia Svobodová
Sex Female Female
Born January 7, 1950, Cornwall seal Cornwall
Spouse Gerald Andrews
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Musician
Languages English
Mainline Protestant

Cecilia Svobodová (Cornwall, January 7, 1950) is a Lovian musician who plays saxophone with Selena and the Animals and with the touring backing bands of Hop-Scotch and The James Farmer Band. She performs as her "geek" character Cecilia Carrotcakes in all three bands since she feels most comfortable as the character.

History Edit

Cecilia was born on January 7, 1950 in Cornwall to a lesbian couple. Her first mother was from Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) and her second mother was an artist. Mack Kaya acted as the surrogate.

Cecilia was able to live a normal life despite having gay parents, and started her career at the age of 15, by winning a local saxophone players' festival in her birth town of Cornwall. She mainly lived in Hurbanova with her second mother's grandfather and worked in a Freia Lovia chocolate factory in Heighnow.

Cecilia joined Selena's band and created the character during a brainstorming session, with her pet rabbit being the main source of it. She initially wore blue eye contact lenses, but later she had the pupils of her eyes stained blue, which became her trademark look.

Personal life Edit

Cecilia lives in Noble City with her husband Gerald Andrews in City Apartments. Cecilia is bisexual, and is a Mainline Protestant.

Equipment Edit

  • Selmer Mark VI (1964 original, Alto, painted purple)

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