Carla Emily Villanova Identity
Name Carla Emily Villanova
Full name Carla Emily Villanova
Sex Female Female
Born July 12, 1962, Seal of Noble City Noble City

Carla Villanova is Marcus Villanova's mother, originally named Carla Itali. She was born 1962 in Noble City but grew up in an orphanage until 15 when she moved out and got her own apartment and worked part time as a cashier. She attended college at New York University in 1976 and became an editor. She did minor freelance writing until she met Frank Villanova in 1980 and got married. They had their first child Michael who became Prime Minister of Noel. They had two children Emily Villanova, born 1993, an artist, and Marcus Villanova, born that same year, a politician. One year later in 1994 she had another son Andrew Villanova, the lead guitarist for First Fold Then Tear. She is "the best mother", her children say. She apparently spent weeks in labor while giving birth to Emily and Marcus Villanova. In 2009 her husband died. Carla is also apart of the family company Villanova Inc..

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