Car-nage is an 1985 action comedy film written and directed by Sam Hesman and starring Daniel Stecker, Paul Anvistki, Jay Simmons and Tara Kinney.


Paul (Stecker) accidentally steals a car from Noble City, thining that its his own and not knowing its the mayors. He is then chased by the cops and he drives onto Highway 1. Paul then "accidentally" drives off the highway, crashing into an oil tanker. Paul manages to jump out and escape, before the car hits the tanker and it explodes. He then meets Jeffrey (Anvistki), a trucker from Novosevensk. Jeffrey introduces him to the rest of his gang (Paul Graker, David Zefer, Tara Kinney). They propose to go to Novosevensk together for the holidays. Soon, the girl member of the gang, Sarah starts falling for Paul. However, back in Noble City, he is still being hunted by the police. Ten miles out of Noble City, Paul is caught by a policeman. He tries to warn Jeffrey, who then swerves their truck off the bridge and near a farmer's house. The farmer (Simmons) is a policeman in disguise. As night falls, a CCTV camera observes the gang sleeping. The car registration NOB-402104 is copied and put onto the police officer's computer. The police later go to the farm and find the farmer sleeping and the group gone. They follow them, until about ten or more cars are about. They try and smash into the truck, but end up smashing into random objects. The first car crashes into a silo, the second one into a petrol station (presumably killing its driver), and the rest on random places on the highway. Sara then asks Paul what was that, and Paul replies, that he accidentally stolen the mayor's car from Noble City.


While being funny and sometimes quite intense, the film was not praised for its plot and its characters. It received an average vote of 2.8/10 by many critics.

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