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The Communist Party of Lovia (neo-marxist) leadership election, 2015 was an election held on July 1st, 2015, to elect a new leader and the first ever deputy leader of Communist Party of Lovia (neo-marxist). The election was announced by party leadership after the leftist prime minister Anna Maria Whithdonck-Malsky resigned and the CPL.nm MOTCs stepped down from their cabinet positions. Incumbent leader Jon Johnson welcomed the election and announced that he would stand again, though for the position of deputy leader. The rules were established by the party executive committee, to establish standards for the election and alert all members that an election would be held.

Background Edit

After two years out of congress, CPL.nm won four seats in congress in the 2015 elections and three of the MOTCs were given positions in a government consisting entirely of leftists. After less than a month, however, moderate members of the government rebelled on a taxation proposal, allowing the opposition proposal to pass instead, and the prime minister Whithdonck-Malsky announced she would resign as a result. In solidarity with the left-wing PM and in order not to participate in the conservative-led government that would result, all communist ministers also resigned from their posts. The party leadership declared it was time to turn over a new page in the party's history, and elect new leaders to lead a strong opposition to the government. Jon Johnson declared he would resign as leader as soon as the election was complete, though he stated he intended to run for the deputy position so his political experience would continue to be of use.

The use of the term 'leadership election' by the press and informally by members caused some controversy, as technically the party is collectively led by the executive committee. The party issued a statement informing members that while the official roles were 'chair' and 'deputy chair', use of the word 'leader' in campaigning and elsewhere was acceptable.

Rules Edit

The rules for the election stated that members of the following organisations may vote in the election:

In addition, members of other leftist parties were permitted to vote if they purchased a reduced-price associate membership in CPL.nm, and committed themselves to the cause of democratic socialism. In each case, voters had to show they had been membership of the relevant organisation for at least 5 months.

Voters could pick up their assigned ballot at a local CPL.nm party headquarters by showing an ID. Alternatively, the ballot could be mailed to the voter. Such absentees ballots were required to be mailed back by June 29th at the latest. Alternatively, a voter could come to the Malipa Civic Auditorium on June 30th or July 1st, the day of the election, to cast the vote in person. All votes had to be marked with a name and an ID number to ensure each vote was counted and no election fraud had been committed. In addition, the party announced that the dates for candidacies would be from May 30th to June 3rd and that campaigning would occur in the time between the last day of candidacies (June 3rd) and the actual election (July 1st). All candidates had to be CPL.nm members and have been in the party for at least five months. The method of voting was single transferable vote, in which candidates were eliminated until a candidate won 50% of the vote.

Three debates were held throughout the campaigning period. The first debate was held on June 10th at 8 PM in the Malipa Civic Auditorium in the Blue Room and the second on June 14th at 9:30 AM in the same place. Both events included leadership and deputy leadership debates. For the first fifty-five minutes, the leadership candidates discussed the future of the party, the current government, the economy, among other issues. For the last thirty-five minutes, the deputy leadership candidates debated each other as well. The last debate was held in Sofasi Library in the auditorium on June 24th at 7 PM. Both the leadership candidates and the deputy leadership candidates were given an hour to debate each other.

According to an official CPL.nm tally, between all the interest groups, unions, and parties, 28,395 members were eligible to vote in the upcoming election. This was due to the upsurge of membership after the 2015 elections, in which CPL.nm members accounted for 9,897 of the members.

Candidates Edit

Leadership election Edit

CPL leadership graph

A graph showing the political positions of candidates on two different axes.

  • May 30th, 2015 - Miroslav Znalic was the first to announce his candidacy for CPL.nm leadership. Announced two hours after the declaration, Znalic called for the Party to embrace "radical emancipatory politics", starting by actually taking communist positions. In his "three points" he called for the abolition of the monarchy, nationalization of public transportation, and a raise of the minimum wage.
  • May 31st, 2015 - Darius Nabolo announced on the second day of the contest, stating that he would support stronger connection between unions and the CPL.nm and that the party should focus on democratic socialism to improve the current conditions of society. He stated that his life work towards supporting communities would help him lead the CPL.nm.
  • May 31st, 2015 - Caroline Tywomeski was the third to announce. She identifies as a Trotskyist and agreed with Znalic to a great extent, but criticized his attempt to work with the capitalist society and declared that she sought revolutionary change, destruction of the previous capitalist regime, and spread of the revolution overseas, while maintaining a strong democratic state.
  • June 1st, 2015 - Patrick Auerbach was the fourth to announce, via an article in TNCT. He described himself as a social democrat and stated he wished CPL.nm to return to government, and to negotiate an election pact or full merger with United Left. He referred to his long political experience, being first elected as governor of Sylvania in 2000.
  • June 2nd, 2015 - Victoria Chan announced her candidacy in St. Stephen's Church in St. Stephens to a crowd of 80 people. She stated her dedication to the proletariat, related her experience of running in the 2014 Seven State Council elections, and said her work in the Ministry of Labour had demonstrated her political skills. She identified herself as a democratic communist and stated she would work towards radical but gradual social and economic change in Lovia.

Deputy leadership election Edit

  • May 30th, 2015 - Jon Johnson was the first to announce his candidacy for the deputy leadership role. The incumbent leader stated it was time for a new leader, and that he wished to use his experience to assist that person in their role. In defence of his candidacy, he pointed out that he had been able to revive the Party and hoped to lead the Party towards greater successes in the future. Johnson announced he would push for a unity of leftist parties and that if elected would deliver a CPL.nm with "seats in the double digits" in the next election.
  • May 31st, 2015 - Steven Robinson announced that he would be running for the deputy leadership position to a crowd of 134 people in the Speakers' Corner. He joked about running again for a deputy position after losing the Labour Party deputy leadership election, 2013. He stated that alongside Johnson he had helped the party revive and gain union support, and that he would focus on pushing for more bargaining rights in congress.
  • May 31st, 2015 - Burt Schwartz announced he would be joining the race for deputy leader in a YouTube video. He spoke about the need for CPL.nm to seize the opportunity to create radical change in Lovia with regard to healthcare, politics, and industry in general. Unusually for an announcement speech, he attacked Robinson, who had announced earlier that day, stating he was running for personal attention and fame.
  • June 1st, 2015 - Isabella Munson told a Newhaven crowd that she would join the race, and outlined her proposal for a moderate transition to communism. She stated she had much in common with Schwartz and Johnson, but wanted to focus more on the party's principles of democratic communism.

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Campaign Edit

Candidacies and opening stages Edit


Znalic during his Youtube announcement

The election was announced early in the morning by long time CPL.nm member and founder Yuri Medvedev. He stated that the recent successes of the party have led to an increase in party membership and a revival of leftism in Lovia. He cited the failure of Anna Maria Whithdonck-Malsky to hold a government together and the departure of Jon Johnson along with other CPL.nm members from their cabinet positions meant a time of "radical discussion" for the party and Lovia. He then announced the elections for the leadership and the new deputy leadership.

On May 30th, two candidates already announced their intent to enter the election. Member of Congress, party theorist, and professor, Miroslav Znalic announced his bid for the leadership role in a YouTube video and tweet. In the video he announced that if elected he would make the party fully republican. He called for the immediate abolition of the monarchy (as opposed to the eventual abolition currently endorsed by the party), nationalization of the transportation industry, and a consistent increase in the minimum wage. He labelled this his "three point" plan for the CPL.nm and Lovia when working in coalition. Hours later, incumbent leader Jon Johnson announced he would be running, but for the deputy leader position. He promised better leftist unity and returning the CPL.nm to national prominence.


Nabolo speaking in his Youtube video announcement. Here he is talking about education in Lovia.

A day later, three more candidates announced their bid for the leadership positions. Former student of Znalic, education advocate, and former MOTC Darius Nabolo announced he would be running in a Facebook post, and later a YouTube video. He discussed his life, his community organizing, and dedication to improving education conditions in Lovia. During the afternoon, former MOTC and Labour Party deputy leadership election, 2013 candidate Steven Robinson announced to a crowd of 134 people in the Speakers' Corner that he would be pursuing a run for the deputy position. He joked about having lost a deputy contest already in his life, saying "I won't make that mistake again." In addition he stressed the importance of unions and that the CPL.nm should have affiliated unions throughout Lovia. Hours later, it was confirmed that former MOTC and professor Burt Schwartz would also be running for the deputy position. He stressed the need for radical change in Lovia and even jabbed at his competitor Steven Robinson by quoting Thomas Inouye during the 2013 Labour deputy leadership contest: "Be wary of Robinson. He's doing this for personal fame." Caroline Tywomeski also announced her candidacy this day, in a speech in Hurbanova critical of moderate politicians and proposing radical and rapid transition.


Munson speaking at Congress Field to announce her candidacy

On June 1st, former Sylvanian governor Patrick Auerbach announced that he would be running for the leadership position as well. He stated in a The Noble City Times article that his electoral successes, dedication to various left-wing parties, and his vision for the CPL.nm would make him a great leader. In particular, he called for a merger with the United Left and making the CPL.nm less radical, explicitly describing himself as a social democrat. Even though Schwartz was running in the deputy race, he attacked Auerbach as a "bourgeois capitalistic social democrat." In an interview given on In Session he stated that "moderates such as Auerbach are stopping the potential of the left. When voting for Auerbach you are already giving in before you've had a chance." Also that day, Isabella Munson announced her candidacy for the deputy leadership role. She announced in a speech at Congress Field to an estimated crowd of about 200 people that she would use her long career in politics, commitment to democratic socialism, and cooperation with other radical leftists to help the CPL.nm win more seats in Congress.

The last candidate to announce a run for a position was Victoria Chan for the leadership position. She stated that eco-socialism needs to be at the forefront of the party's ideology and that radical changes can take place now to Lovia's economy. She announced to a crowd in St. Stephens to about 200 people, most being her former fellow protesters.

Opening moments until the first debateEdit

As June 3rd came to a close, nine candidates had declared their intent for the deputy or leadership role. On that day, Darius Nabolo announced his candidacy for a local council position in Sylvania. Later that day, all leadership candidates were invited by the Cornish Progressive Party to discuss issues individually with party members. In local newspapers Nabolo was said to have: a "personal warmth" and that "members were glad to here him return to the political arena." Chan's book The Communitarian Socialist heavily features the CPP and praises its ideology, and thus her interactions were also received well. Znalic and Auerbach were said to have positive performances as well. In contrast, Tywomeski was said to come off as "out of touch" and "too radical" according to a reporter for Clymene Today. In the deputy race, Johnson made the news by holding a rally in Portland on the issue of the economy and immigration. A reported 400 people showed up, to generally positive feelings.


Munson's campaign in Charleston, Sylvania was attended by about 500 people (some even non-socialist or non-CPL.nm). A surge of support was gained after a chant at her rally trended in Lovia, #MunsonMania.

On June 4th, Chan held a husting in Adoha and later in Clinton, which were received as important as she outlined her policy for eco-socialism and gradual change to socialism. Later in the day, Munson held a rally in Charleston, which many newspapers and voters received as positive. At the rally, "Munson Mania" caught on as a chant, which started trending on twitter in Lovia as #MunsonMania. Three endorsements were made as well. Noted CPL.nm adviser and pundit Martin Cameron endorsed Auerbach in the leadership race and Johnson in the deputy race. In addition, Lovian Future Party leader Katie Conroy gave a glowing endorsement of Auerbach stating that it is common sense to work with liberals and conservatives. Tywomeski, fiercely opposed to Auerbach, called her reactionary scum opposed to real progress.

After two endorsements, Auerbach campaigned for local CPL.nm candidates in Sylvania's local elections on June 5th. While not officially campaign events, they helped bolster his image as a possible leader. In response, Tywomeski gave a speech to a small crowd in Hurbanova attacking Auerbach for his willingness to "give in before it's begun", also saying that "I would be happy to see any of my competitors win, except for Auerbach." However, throughout the event protesters from the Anti-Communist League just yards away demonstrated against the radical communism that they felt Tywomeski represented saying that she "represented all that was wrong with Medvedev's CPL". Miroslav Znalic, who held a husting in Bayside, stated both are wrong and that while cooperation is key for the left-wing in general, Tywomeski is right in pointing out his desire to work with "reactionaries". Znalic reminded everyone that "politics makes strange bedfellows" and that "what we say now, during this campaign, is merely written in pencil." Schwartz denounced Auerbach as a "closet centrist". Besides the Auerbach endorsement reactions, Munson held the largest rally to date in the campaign in Portland with 786 attendees. However, this was soon met with a protest rally numbering upwards of 300 people, again from the Anti-Communist League, who put up posters attacking Munson's communist vision and invited individuals to utilize loudspeakers to disrupt Munson's event. In spite of this, the hashtag, #MunsonMania, trended for a second straight day.


Tywomeski speech a day after she was disrupted by the ACL. Her meeting and discussion with people East Hills attracted about 400 people.

In a statement released by all nine candidates the next day, they pointed out the "contradictory nature of the ACL by disrupting peaceful gatherings in order to promote the high fidelity of liberal ideals." In the joint statement, the candidates said, "These obvious reactionaries are scared by free debate about, as Marx wrote, not merely what could be, but what actions could be taken to produce such revolutionary changes." and "in no way will this phase the ongoing events in the campaign season." All nine candidates held events on June 6th, with Tywomeski and Munson's rallies attracting more support than others; however, they also both attracted further ACL disruption. Tywomeski stated: "The ACL wanted her [Munson] campaign to be censored. The ACL wanted mine to be censored as well. They have failed, and better yet, it appears our campaigns are garnering more support." An ACL spokesperson came out later that day and said, "Far from censorship, we are here for the debate. Further, they talk of free debate but when we bring it to them all they can do is run from it and say that the debate we bring is reactionary, communism's view of other people's opinion in a nutshell." They also commented that they would be happy for Tywomeski or Munson to win because they felt it could only harm the communist revival. Tywomeski commented "If they do not realize that disruption is a form of censorship then they are obviously too obtuse to understand the simplest of concepts. No one ran away from their debate; it is obvious they never wanted one because they didn't engage us directly but rather tried to stop us from speaking freely. If they are serious, I challenge them to a moderated debate. Acting as if their cause is somehow related to a higher fidelity is laughable, as they too engage in politics." On this day, William Krosby quit his position as leader of the Social Liberal Party and joined the CPL.nm, and resigned his position as Education Minister after losing a vote to repeal vouchers in solidarity with his fellow comrades. He declined to endorse a candidate.


Robinson talking to a Vox Populi member in Newhaven

June 7th saw Znalic hold four hustings in one day in Bayside, Artista, Downtown, and Train Village. Chan and Johnson were endorsed by Freedom Press due to their leadership skills and ability to bring together different wings of the Party. Nabolo campaigned for leader and fellow Train Village council candidates as the election began there. Robinson made the news by stating he would wish to see a CPL.nm based on syndicalist values. Further, the ACL offered Tywomeski a place in a moderated debate.


Auerbach speaking in Pool about trade and the economy

June 8th and June 9th saw the candidates mostly prepare for the debate in Malipa. Notably, Munson kicked off a billboard campaign to support her campaign. Znalic published a short essay published in several Lovian newspapers called Libertarian Evolution: Why We Need Socialism, which outlined his version of a socialist state. He called for a republican government which would be very minimal and eventually wither away to allow for maximum freedom and equality. Brian Schwartz was rumored on the 8th to drop out of the race due to low poll numbers, but denied all reports stating "The revolutionary discussions we are having are ones I want to be a part of." Auerbach held a rally on the 9th in Pool attracting 107 people, the most of those two days. On the day of the debate, Auerbach held a husting in Clave Rock on the street named after him. Schwartz released an article attacking Johnson for his Titoism, seen through his founding of TCSS some years ago. The article was received as a well written attack on Johnson and the article was brought up during the debate.

The First Debate Edit


Auerbach speaking about his policy on Unions and their relation to the Party

In the Blue Colosseum Room in Newhaven, the debate started with Amy Johnson on People's Channel moderating. The first ten minutes was dedicated to opening speeches in which Auerbach claimed he was running to save Lovia from "words but no action". Nabolo claimed he was a politician who could mix both hard work with pragmatism. The first topic for discussion was brought forth by a Vox Populi member from Kinley who asked what their respective goals for the Party were. Auerbach stated that a "leftist coalition for real but gradual change" was his main goal. In response, Tywomeski claimed that people like Auerbach held back the Party and the working class at large due to his "revisionist liberalism", setting her goals for radical change. Chan stated that "ecology, education, and socialism working within a socialist system" was desired. Znalic stated his philosophical understanding of Marxism allowed him to outline his critique of capitalism, thus stating his position of "a new revolutionary paradigm would be official party policy." At the thirty minute mark, Lovian Unionist Syndicate leader Jason Rogers had a recorded video message asking: "What are the candidates positions on syndicalism and the power of unions in Lovia?" Auerbach stated that the policy of the CPL.nm should be unions working cooperatively with employers. In response, Znalic stated that "unions can serve as the basis of an organic community. We must use them as a social body." Nabolo stated that "strong unions, rather than mere social bodies, should be the basis of the CPL.nm." Tywomeski argued that "syndicalism would provide an effective transition to communism, but only that." Znalic agreed, stating that "A Freudian concept is that civilization must be glued together by some cohesion, and to that extent, I agree with a democratic form of communism." In the closing stages, Tywomeski called herself the "true revolutionary communist, willing to change Lovia forever." Chan stated "Our goals should be to work towards change, regardless of a larger framework."


Munson speaking about inequality in Lovia during the debate

In the deputy debate, the first ten minutes were dedicated to opening remarks. Johnson labelled himself as the person who helped "revive the CPL.nm." The remainder of the debate was dedicated to their goals for the CPL.nm. Schwartz brought up the issue of Johnson's support for Yugoslavian dictator Tito, and stated that "He wants to say he helped revive the party. This is true, but wasn't he near the helm when it crashed?" Johnson defended the legacy of Tito, and stated that his revival of the party should show his ability to help the party in the future. Munson's remarks for an "inclusive, egalitarian Lovia" were well received. Robinson focused on the importance of unions and their place in the party.

After the debate, a polling of 300 People's Channel viewers found that 32% of them thought Chan won the debate, with 23% for Znalic, 19% for Auerbach, 15% for Nabolo, 6% for Tywomeski, and 5% "did not know". For the deputy debate, the same 300 viewers were polled on who they thought did the best. Munson polled the highest with 39%, with 21% for Schwartz, 20% for Johnson, 10% for Robinson, and 10% "did not know".

Until the Second DebateEdit


Schwartz during his after-debate In Session interview

The day after the debate, the number of undecided voters in the polls for the leadership race dropped 5%, with Auerbach gaining the most support, 3%, while Tywomeski dropped 1%. In the deputy race, the polls showed a tightening race as Johnson's lead had dropped from 19% at the begining to 2% after the debate. Schwartz had the biggest gain in the polls with a 3% gain, while Robinson dropped 4%. Auerbach and Nabolo stood side by side campaigning for Train Village CPL.nm candidates as Nabolo said "I am running today, not only for a local seat, but for the leadership position. I am glad fellow members can put differences aside and support a larger cause." Znalic spoke to supporters in Hurbanova, shocking some by stating, "No, I wouldn't rapidly transition into a communist society. We need a concrete plan, both economically and socially, before we do so." Tywomeski spoke later in the day, saying that "Even Znalic is shown to be counter-revolutionary. We need radical change now!" On In Session, the deputy candidates were all interviewed one-by-one by Andrea Wainwright. Schwartz was again precieved as a reputable speaker on a variety of issues, such as identity politics, power structures, and Marxist theory. Later an article in Newport News stated: "Schwartz has found his niche. After being totally translucent (and usually attacking others) in the begining stages, his ability to combine powerful oratory with knowledge about technical Marxist theory is somewhat refreshing in a world of rhetoric."


Schwartz speaking to students in Noble City.

On June 12th, Schwartz made the headlines again announcing that he was selected to be second on the CPL.nm party list for the Noble City/Bay Area Council, after Issac Beckett. In addition, he held a husting in the Citizen Corner and gave a free lecture to students at the New College. Johnson announced a "ten point plan to ten seats" announcing new strategies for the CPL.nm including more billboards, having more debates, and committing to a evolutionary approach towards socialism. One of the points was an electoral alliance with like-minded parties, such as the Lovian Unionist Syndicate. In Session's Andrea Wainwright again held one on one interviews but this time with the leadership candidates. Chan and Nabolo were said to have excellent interviews, with Chan speaking passionately about her work in the Ministry of Labour. Tywomeski stated she would create a "CPL.nm congress" to support collective leadership, and Znalic announced a team of Marxist intellectuals to create and sculpt Party policy at all times.

Chan speaking at the CPL.nm Women's Caucus

The day before the debate, Chan, Tywomeski, and Munson talked at the CPL.nm Women's Caucus. Auerbach and Znalic took the day off for debate preparation. Nabolo campaigned in Train Village for the closing stages of the council elections there. For the deputy race, Johnson and Robinson took the day off for debate preparation, while Schwartz campaigned in the Bay Region Council.

The Second DebateEdit

At the second debate, hosted by Andrea Wainwright from In Session, three main topics were discussed by the leadership candidates. The first topic discussed was "leftist cooperation". Auerbach put forward his vision for unifying with the United Left and becoming a "big tent" leftist movement for radical change. When pressed by Chan, he clarified he was both pro-capitalism and pro-socialism. Tywomeski again stated her line that social democrats should not lead the party, criticizing his support for capitalism. Tywomeki's vision was "a revolution to communism" on which Auerbach fought back stating "Would this revolution be bloody? Would this revolution be Soviet inspired?" Tywomeski responded: "Of course not, we must use revolution to obtain communism, but not create "traitors" or gulags." Next, communist markets were discussed and how a socialist economy would be put in place. Nabolo stated nationalization and elimination of private education would be his first priorities, while the private sector would be transitioned to market socialism over the following years. Chan stated that her version of communism would include community based programs which build social relations and encourage people to care about the area they live in. Auerbach announced his idea of socialism would include a heavy income tax on the rich, a wealth tax, and corporate regulations that would help the economy. Znalic announced that his socialist economy would include eventual withering away of the capitalistic mechanisms of the economy into a communist economy. Tywomeski stated that she would first ensure complete worker ownership of the means of production, aided by the state, in a syndicalist model, followed by change towards a purely cooperative, communist model. She attacked Auerbach's model, declaring it to be no different than moderated capitalism. Last, social rights were discussed. Znalic was received very well in stating "We must overcome the paradigm of inequality and equality and deconstruct identity politics into a purely subjective emancipatory politic."

In the deputy leadership debate, opening remarks were allowed, unlike in the leadership debate. For the remaining twenty minutes, the only topic discussed was economic policy. Johnson put forward a policy closer to statist communism which would control several factors within the economy. Munson attacked this, stating that "the working class and producers of the work should be able to control the economy". Johnson clarified, proposing a policy closer to syndicalism: "We need worker councils and unions to control our policies and make sure we have direct representation of the people." Schwartz stated that "We see a lot of posturing by my fellow comrades, but isn't the more direct answer that our economy in general has to make sure the working class is protected first and can be free from capitalistic exploitation, and then all other theory last?"

The post debate polling of 250 viewers of the debate by In Session gave an idea on who did the best in the debate. In the leadership debate, 32% said it was Znalic, with 18% for Auerbach, 18% for Chan, 12% for Nabolo, 11% for Tywomeski, and 9% "did not know". In the deputy leadership debate, 28% said Munson had best performance, with 25% for Schwartz, 22% for Robinson, 18% for Johnson, and 7% "did not know".

The Long StretchEdit


Schwartz thanking voters the day after the election

On June 15th, the Sylvanian Local Election results came out with the CPL.nm winning seats in every council, including half of the seats in Discovery Isle. Schwartz and Nabolo both won seats in their districts. Both held victory rallies in their respective districts thanking voters for their support. Chan held a rally in Kinley and talked about a "new communism" for the 21st century. The speech was well received and attended by at least 360 people. Znalic talked to voters in East Hills and spoke about communism to the MLPE. In the deputy contest, Robinson started advertising on billboards around Kings and Sylvania. Robinson stated at his husting in Hurket-on-Kings that if elected, he would introduce party reforms allowing unions to be affiliated, and a formal agreement with the LUS as the base for a collective society. Munson and Johnson also campaigned in Portland, though they were in Bayfield.

The day after was big for two candidates who held large events. Znalic held a discussion with fellow well-known philosophers Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt in Bayfield. The event attracted 1,200 attendees with topics of capitalism, ecology, and Marx's Capital. The events was reported by TNCT as "showcasing the intellectual bastion that Znalic is and how he can lead a calm and steady evolutionary CPL.nm." In the deputy's race, the headlines were stolen by Munson with an unexpected 598 people showing up in Adoha to here her speak. She used a megaphone to address her crowd from their level, and not on a stage. She attacked Johnson for his more moderate policies in the past and his love for the "bourgeois monarchy."

On July 17th, hustings were held by all nine candidates, with Nabolo, Chan, and Munson campaigning in Train Village. Tywomeski targeted Oceana, trying to gain support from the union workers there. Znalic campaigned in Seven, gaining the largest crowd that day with 204 attendees. Auerbach spoke with members from United Left and Lovian Future, speaking in favor of left wing cooperation. Schwartz and Johnson both campaigned in Plains, with Schwartz giving part of his speech in Bredish, receiving much applause. Munson spoke to union workers of Harmony in Sofasi and Robinson spoke to Vox Populi members in East Hills.


Auerbach in Pool

With the campaign in the long stretch, the 18th and 19th saw candidates shaking hands, give speeches amongst the people, and engage in discussion with many different groups. Auerbach campaigned both days, in Pool and then Manchester. Chan spoke to a chinese crowd in Sofasi and on the second day to Zhoosh members in Novosevensk. Nabolo held two days of consecutive hustings in his home of Train Village. Tywomeski spoke to MLPE members about the prospects of a revolution within the coming years and her critique of neo-Hoxhaism. She did not campaign the other day, instead teaching classes at Blackburn University. Znalic taught a course at Blackburn on the 18th, but held a small speech in the Speakers' Corner while he was interrupted by Nick Van Allen, noted conspiracy theorist. Znalic approached the situation well and continued with his speech. The next day, he campaigned in his hometown of Newport about ecological restoration. In the deputy race, Johnson spent two days in Abby Springs giving a speech on the prospects of communism in the 21st century and then talked to individual voters the next day. Robinson spent two days speaking to union voters, the first day to Union of Lovian Educators in Noble City, and the second to Harmony voters in Adoha. Schwartz, mostly known for his lectures, jokes, and usual recluse manner, had good hustings on these days in both Mandarin Village and then Glesga, speaking of his idea of a revolution. Munson talked to Zhoosh voters on the 18th in Novosevensk and held a husting in Old Kinley the next day.


Munson during deputy talk

On the 20th, Robinson came out in support of syndicalism and guild socialism as the mode for the post-capitalist society. Auerbach announced that if he was leader, he would start forming governments again with right-wing parties. Nabolo and Znalic attacked him later in the day in their respective speeches. The largest rally came from an event in Sofasi, with 303 attendees.

The next day saw typical hustings, with Auerbach speaking to diners in Charleston. Chan talked to voters in Albany about taxes, education, and the future of the left wing in Lovia. Nabolo, speaking to a crowd in East Hills, praised some libertarian socialist ideals. Tywomeski and Znalic held events in Noble City just ten minutes apart from each other in the Citizen Corner. The deputy candidates were hosted by In Session's Andrea Wainwright, with the candidates answering questions from audience members in Hurbanova. On the 22nd, the leadership candidates were able to take questions from voters in Hurbanova about how they would lead the CPL.nm. From the Q&A sessions, voters thought Munson and Nabolo did the best. The deputy candidates continued on the campaign trail, with Johnson husting in Clave Rock, Robinson in Artista, Schwartz in Bayfield, and Munson in East Hills.

The 23rd saw most candidates resting and preparing for the debate the next day. Auerbach, Chan, Nabolo, and Znalic all rested and met with their campaign staff for debate prep, while Tywomeski held a small rally in Rybachye. In the deputy race, Johnson, Robinson, and Munson took the day off while Schwartz met with voters in Charleston.

The Last Debate Edit


Tywomeski during the final debate

The last debate started with a different format, with the first thirty minutes debating the leadership qualities and where the party would be going in the future. Auerbach called for "Lovian communism" to become an ideology of radical change and to become the "big tent, the engine for the left in Lovia, working with everyone for change." Chan stated that her work in the public and charity sectors would give her the management qualities to lead the executive committee and return the CPL.nm to dominance. She stated that changes should be made now before Lovia ever transitions away from a capitalistic economy. Nabolo spoke of his ability to work with union leaders and with fellow workers, mobilizing them towards action. He also said that he would first nationalize education, including Blackburn University. Tywomeski stated her skills in working with unions would allow her to use the CPL.nm as a vanguard toward revolutionary communism. Znalic stated that his long time commitment towards ideological communism and theory would allow, either through revolutionary or evolutionary means, the transition towards a socialist state. The final topic discussed was the strength of trade unions and the environment, of which Chan showed very strong answers, outlining her theory of eco-socialism.

The deputy debate saw the exact same format, where the first thirty minutes were dedicated to the leadership qualities and their vision for the party. Johnson stated his leadership skills were proven by returning the CPL.nm to prominence, and answered questions about his belief in an evolutionary approach towards a socialist state being the method that was most within reach. Schwartz stated that his ideological and understanding of Marxist theory would allow him to bring new ideas to the party and best support Lovian workers. Robinson spoke of an evolutionary approach towards a form of anarcho-communism or syndicalism in some form, and argued that due to his work with Unions, he would be a successful deputy leader. Munson talked about her work in Congress, with minority and disenfranchised people, and her stressed that her socialist ideals will help the party return to power. On the strength of unions and the environment, Robinson gave a solid answer on how unions should function in society and Schwartz was able to give a great answer on the CPL.nm's position should be on the environment.

In a post debate poll, 275 people, viewers and attendees, were asked "Who they thought did the best in the debate?" In the leadership poll, Chan polled the highest with 26%, with Auerbach closely behind with 23%. 21% of the people polled said it was Znalic, 13% said it was Nabolo, and 11% said it was Tywomeski, with 6% saying they "did not know." The deputy leadership poll showed a close four way finish. The "winner" was Schwartz with 27%, Johnson, following with 25%, then Robinson with 24%, Munson with 20%, and 4% "did not know."

Closing StagesEdit

Alžbeta Lenka

Oceana nationalist and known leftist politician Alzbeta Lenka endorsed Znalic and Schwartz

The day after the debate saw half the candidates rest again. Auerbach and Znalic took the day off. On the 25th, former MOTC and Labour deputy candidate Alžbeta Lenka endorsed Znalic for leader and Schwartz for deputy. Chan spoke in Portland, to a crowd of 239 people, thanking them for the support and the "momentum to go on and win the election." Nabolo spoke to his fellow Union of Lovian Educator members in Train Village telling them to vote now and for his education plans. Tywomeski taught at Blackburn University, but later in the day met voters on the streets of Noble City. Johnson and Robinson took the day off. Schwartz taught at Blackburn, but later in the day talked to voters in Downtown Noble City. Munson held a rally in Newhaven speaking about the future of the party.

Chan speaking in her home state about socialism in Lovia

The 26th saw five candidates campaign in Hurbanova. Auerbach, Tywomeski, Znalic, Johnson, and Robinson all had small hustings in various parts around the capital of Oceana. Chan held her largest rally to date in Kinley speaking to a crowd of 604 people about socialism and the potential of the left wing in Lovia. Nabolo continued campaigning in Sylvania by holding a rally in Charleston, which about 300 people attended, where he attacked Auerbach and Tywomeski and called himself the reasonable choice for the CPL.nm and a great leader for Lovia. Schwartz campaigned in Sofasi by "roasting" other deputy candidates, receiving many laughs. Munson held two hustings in Portland, one speaking specifically to the Zhoosh voters there.

In the final five days of the contest, Chan, Tywomeski, Robinson, and Schwartz campaigned every day, with the other candidates campaigning four out of the five days. The final days saw a surge for support in the leadership race for Chan, Nabolo, and Znalic. Tywomeski's campaign saw a drop of about 7% in polls just before the day of the final tally and announcement. In the deputy race the long time struggle between Munson and Johnson in the polls became more interesting and Schwartz's poll numbers rose in the final days to make the contest a three way race. 

The AnnouncementEdit

The CPL.nm and supporters met in the Malipa Civic Auditorium with the first day of activities on June 30th, consisting of some of the candidates talking with voters and non-political interviews being given. Voters could also show up in person and cast their ballot if they so wanted. The actual event for the announcement began at 7 PM with Yuri Medvedev speaking to supporters, on the history of the party, and the rules for the vote. In addition, videos about the Party and the prospects of communism in Lovia were played. At 7:27, the deputy leadership results were announced:

Deputy leadership resultsEdit

Ballot Johnson Robinson Schwartz Munson Lead
1st Ballot

11,322 votes (35%)

1,976 votes (6%)

8,798 votes (27%)

10,222 votes (32%) 1,100 votes (3%)
2nd Ballot 11,851 votes (37%) - 8,866 votes (27%) 11,593 votes (36%) 258 votes  (1%)
3rd Ballot 16,215 votes (51%) - - 15,788 votes (49%)  427 votes (2%)

Robinson was eliminated first, with his support actually below what opinion polls had him at with only six percent of support. With most his support going to Munson, the gap between Johnson and Munson greatly closed. Schwartz receiving minimal support was eliminated with 27% of the vote. His votes were split roughly evenly between Johnson and Munson, allowing Johnson to win the election.

Leadership resultsEdit

Ballot Auerbach Chan Nabolo Tywomeski Znalic Lead
1st Ballot 4,959 votes (15%) 7,651 votes (24%) 7,662 votes (24%) 3,389 votes (10%) 8,699 votes (27%) 1,037 votes (3%)
2nd Ballot 4,963 votes (16%) 8,339 votes (26%) 8,309 votes (26%) - 10,071 votes (32%) 1,732 votes (6%)
3rd Ballot - 9,798 votes (32%) 9,768 votes (32%) - 11,220 votes (36%) 1,422 votes (4%)
4th Ballot - 15,996 votes (52%) - - 14,776 votes (48%) 1,220 votes (4%)

At 7:55, the first ballot was read for the leadership election. Znalic led with about a 1,000 vote lead over Nabolo and Chan. Tywomeski finished in last place with 10%, with about a fifth of her supporters not listing a second preference. On the second ballot, the Znalic increased his lead, while Chan moved up into second place. Auerbach was eliminated next. About another 900 voters of Auerbach did not list a second preference. On the third ballot, Chan kept her 30 vote lead over Nabolo to make it to the last ballot to face off against Znalic. With about 6,000 Nabolo voters listing Chan as their second preference, Chan pulled ahead to a four percent lead on the last ballot becoming the new CPL.nm leader. Chan thanked her supporters and promised nationalization, ecological protections, and the expansion of public schools. 

Opinion Polling Edit

Here is a list of opinion polls composed throughout the campaigning period. Candidates are listed alphabetically and both contests are listed below.

Leadership election Edit

Date(s) conducted Polling organisation Auerbach Chan Nabolo Tywomeski Znalic Don't
1st June Clymene Today - - 13% 10% 19% 58% 6%
3rd June In Session 9% 7% 11% 11% 20% 42% 9%
3rd June Newhaven Courier 10% 10% 12% 11% 19% 38% 7%
4th June TNCT 10% 11% 15% 10% 19% 35% 4%
5th June In Session 9% 13% 15% 12% 20% 31% 5%
6th June Clymene Today 11% 12% 17% 15% 21% 24% 4%
8th June In Session 11% 13% 18% 15% 21% 22% 3%
10th June TNCT 13% 14% 17% 17% 21% 18% 4%
11th June Newhaven Courier 16% 16% 17% 16% 22% 13% 5%
12th June Newport News 17% 16% 17% 15% 25% 10% 8%
14th June In Session 17% 15% 17% 17% 24% 10% 7%
14th June Clymene Today 17% 18% 16% 15% 21% 13% 3%
16th June LoviaNow 17% 19% 17% 16% 21% 10% 2%
18th June TNCT 20% 19% 17% 15% 22% 7% 2%
20th June Newhaven Courier 19% 18% 19% 14% 21% 9% 2%
22nd June In Session 20% 19% 20% 13% 21% 7% 1%
24th June LoviaNow 20% 20% 19% 15% 21% 5% 1%
25th June Clymene Today 22% 20% 18% 15% 21% 4% 1%
26th June Hurbanova Novine 22% 21% 18% 14% 21% 4% 1%
28th June In Session 21% 22% 17% 15% 20% 3% 1%
29th June Newhaven Courier 23% 22% 17% 14% 21% 3% 1%
30th June LoviaNow 23% 23% 17% 13% 22% 2% Tied
30th June TNCT 24% 23% 18% 12% 22% 1% 1%

Subset polling Edit

Here is a list of polls completed which specifically polled a certain group such as voters from Kings, women voters, LGBT+ voters, and so on.

Date(s) conducted Polling organisation Group Auerbach Chan Nabolo Tywomeski Znalic Don't
1st June Clymene Today

Clymene Voters

- - 10% 11% 20% 59% 9%
3rd June In Session Vox Populi 2% 8% 14% 16% 16% 44% Tied
3rd June Newhaven Courier Kings Voters 13% 7% 9% 13% 16% 42% 3%
4th June TNCT Bay Area 18% 9% 13% 7% 17% 36% 1%
5th June In Session MORENO 7% 12% 17% 18% 17% 29% 1%
6th June Clymene Today Clymene Voters 8% 16% 15% 13% 18% 24% 2%
8th June In Session Lovian Unionist Syndicate 4% 15% 12% 19% 25% 25% 6%
10th June TNCT Bay Area 20% 10% 19% 11% 20% 20% Tied
11th June Newhaven Courier Kings Voters 14% 11% 16% 15% 25% 19% 9%
12th June Newport News Oceana Voters 14% 13% 12% 19% 25% 17% 6%
14th June In Session Women Voters 16% 20% 16% 18% 16% 14% 2%
14th June In Session Vox Populi 5% 9% 18% 22% 25% 21% 3%
14th June Clymene Today Clymene Voters 11% 23% 16% 13% 27% 10% 4%
16th June LoviaNow Union Workers 8% 14% 18% 25% 24% 11% 1%
18th June TNCT Bay Area 21% 15% 20% 12% 20% 11% 1%
20th June Newhaven Courier Kings Voters 16% 13% 19% 13% 31% 8% 12%
22nd June In Session Vox Populi 5% 10% 20% 20% 29% 16% 9%
24th June LoviaNow LGBT+ Voters 9% 27% 19% 9% 30% 6% 4%
25th June Clymene Today Clymene Voters 10% 27% 17% 10% 28% 8% 1%
26th June Hurbanova Novine Oceana Voters 10% 18% 20% 19% 27% 6% 7%
30th June TNCT Sylvania Voters 19% 19% 26% 7% 27% 1% 1%

Deputy leadership election Edit

Date(s) conducted Polling organisation Johnson Robinson Schwartz Munson Don't
1st June Clymene Today 39% 25% 6% - 30% 14%
3rd June In Session 39% 20% 4% 18% 19% 19%
5th June In Session 38% 16% 4% 25% 19% 13%
6th June Clymene Today 35% 14% 4% 27% 20% 8%
8th June In Session 35% 15% 4% 28% 18% 7%
10th June TNCT 35% 17% 3% 30% 15% 5%
11th June Newhaven Courier 35% 13% 6% 32% 14% 3%
12th June Newport News 36% 11% 9% 31% 13% 5%
14th June In Session 37% 11% 10% 32% 10% 5%
16th June LoviaNow 35% 12% 12% 33% 8% 2%
18th June TNCT 35% 10% 15% 34% 6% 1%
20th June Newhaven Courier 36% 9% 17% 34% 4% 2%
22nd June In Session 35% 8% 16% 35% 6% Tied
24th June LoviaNow 35% 9% 17% 35% 4% Tied
25th June Clymene Today 35% 8% 20% 33% 4% 2%
26th June Hurbanova Novine 34% 9% 21% 33% 3% 1%
28th June In Session 31% 10% 24% 31% 4% Tied
30th June TNCT 32% 11% 26% 30% 1% 2%

Subset pollingEdit

Date(s) conducted Polling organisation Group Johnson Robinson Schwartz Munson Don't
1st June Clymene Today Clymene


45% 19% 10% - 26% 26%
3rd June In Session Vox Populi 35% 20% 2% 20% 23% 15%
5th June In Session MORENO 29% 14% 10% 28% 19% 1%
6th June Clymene Today Clymene Voters 32% 16% 6% 28% 18% 4%
8th June In Session Lovian Unoinist Syndicate 29% 19% 14% 28% 10% 1%
10th June TNCT Bay Area 30% 23% 9% 23% 15% 7%
11th June Newhaven Courier Kings Voters 25% 14% 10% 35% 16% 10%
12th June Newport News Oceana Voters 28% 12% 8% 29% 23% 1%
14th June In Session Women Voters 29% 13% 15% 33% 10% 4%
16th June LoviaNow Union Workers 28% 17% 10% 33% 12% 5%
18th June TNCT Bay Area 32% 16% 15% 28% 9% 4%
20th June Newhaven Courier Kings Voters 26% 11% 12% 39% 12% 13%
22nd June In Session Vox Populi 31% 12% 16% 33% 8% 2%
24th June LoviaNova LGBT+ Voters 30% 14% 14% 34% 8% 4%
25th June Clymene Today Clymene Voters 37% 10% 18% 29% 6% 8%
26th June Hurbanova Novine Oceana Voters 32% 5% 27% 30% 6% 2%
30th June TNCT Sylvania Voters 28% 8% 32% 30% 2% 2%

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