Name Burke's Dam
Hexacode KI-WK-BD
Population 106 [1]
Language(s) Lovian English
Location Seal of Kings West Kings, Kings
Next to Brunswick, Hewlett, Westmark

Burke's Dam is a Lovian hamlet in the state of Kings. Burke's Dam is located in West Kings, several kilometers south of Newhaven, on a main tributary of The Abby. It is very close to a main lock on the river. The surrounding terrain is rocky near the river, but eventually transitions to grassy plains. The hamlet was founded in 1890 by settlers from Noble City. Lovian English is the main language spoken in the hamlet. The hamlet was once much larger and was focused on shipping and milling, but now mostly consists of commuters to Newhaven, agriculture, and tourism.

References and notes Edit

  1. Census of 2013