Brian van Franken was a famous Dutch-Lovian rugby union and sevens player born on July 18, 1899.
Brian van Franken

Brain Van Franken's Rugby card when he played for the U of Cal

Brian picked up his first rugby ball when he was just two and started running around he backyard in his home in Noble City. When he was seven his family moved to San Diego Califorina and continued to play rugby there. When he turned 18 he enrolled at the University of Califorina where he played and started all four years there. When he turned 24 he joined the United States national Rugby team Even though he wasn't american, along with that team the won the Olympic gold medal for Rugby Union. He scored five points at the Olympic Games and overall scored 20 tries for the men's national team from 1923-1935. He came back to Lovia in 1950 promoting rugby and even started a local sevens league there. In 1998 Brian was inducted into the Rugby Union Hall of Fame and 2009 inducted into the Rugby hall of Fame. Brian van Franken died on December 17th, 2003 do to natural causes. He was 104 at his time of death.

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