Brenda Young Identity
Brenda Young
Name Brenda Young
Sex Female Female
Born 11 February, 1981, Burbank, United States United States
Home Young Estate, United States (main residence)
5 Museum Avenue, Newhaven, Flag of Lovia Small Lovia (winter residence in Lovia)
Functions Business owner
Languages English
Roman Catholic

Brenda Young (11 Febuary, 1981 in Burbank, US) is an American-Lovian businesswoman and controversial politician. She is one of richest people in Lovia, with a net worth of $49 million as of 2009. A strict Roman Catholic, she says that she 'despises atheism.' Formerly a supporter of the Lovian Democratic Party, as a left-leaning liberal, she later joined the controversial Iron Guard Party, founded by Dietrich Honecker, and its successor, the UNS.

Although she won a seat in the 2011 Second Congress as a UNS representative, her party was utterly discredited in the Lovian Civil War. As of 2013, she is living in the United States.

Early life Edit

Brenda Young was born at the Young Estate in California, United States, on 11 Febuary 1981, to Richard Young and his wife, Sherri Young (nee Stephenson), who already had given birth to five older siblings. Brenda grew up as a wealthy girl on the Young Estate. She had a pony, Buck, and a cat, Sannse. Brenda spent her summers at the Estate and her winters at the Ski Resort owned by her family in Alaska. From 1988, she prefered spending her winters at the family house in Lovia, in Newhaven.

Brenda first attended the Saint James Private School, where she learned all the subjects a rich girl would learn. She especially loved (and still does) reading, history, and some science. She also studied running a business and being a good person. Brenda was a girl scout during her time at school. After Saint James she attened Watson Academy, a preparatory school for college.

Politics Edit

Brenda Young has been a member of the controversial Iron Guard Party (IGP) ever since the early beginnings under Dietrich Honecker, later under Pierlot McCrooke and currently under Drabo Doorian. Young has openly defended the party at all times and was even exiled for some time because of her support of the party. She wrote The Insight into Lovia: The Despotic King, a 'novel' in which she defends the party and its ideals. She is known for having coined the term Lovian cabal. Young is a rather controversial politcian but has a steady group of followers. August Magnus Donia of the LCP was an admirer of her work and efforts.