Montpelier Rouge

Brandy Montpelier is a famous Lovian brandy founded by Charles Montpelier in 1919. After having many failed businesses, Montpelier got lucky with his brandy and made lots of money. Since 1936, Brandy Montpelier has been a part of Rudyear-Montpellier company, and since the 1980s a part of Federal Foods Inc.

Brandy Types Edit

  • Montpelier Blanc: 10 year brandy
  • Montpelier Rouge: 12 year brandy
  • Montpelier Bleu: 15 year brandy
  • Montpelier Noir: 20 year brandy
  • Montpelier 50: 25 year brandy made for the company's 50th anniversary
  • Montpelier Arthur III: Rare bottles made for King Arthur III on the 50th anniversary of his reign.
  • Montpelier 1919: The original brandy made in 1919 and only sold since 2009. The ultra rare drink is worth $6000, but is only auctioned off and has sold for more than $35000.

The very expensive 1919

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