Brandt Manor
Name Brandt Manor
Start building 1937
Finish building 1941
Location Cape Donald, Kings (Near Bergdorf)
Function Residence
Owner Russell Brandt

Brandt Manor is an expansive 400+ acre mansion and surrounding area which serves as the traditional seat of the Brandt Family. The current owner of Brandt Manor is Russell Brandt, a retired businessman known for his work as the former CEO of Honecker Holdings, Ltd. and Veprom.

Brandt Manor is a very historical site, located near Bergdorf in Cape DonaldKingsLovia.

History Edit

Brandt Manor 3

Swimming pool, added under the first expansion.

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Construction began 1937 and ended in 1941, the year of Gregor Brandt's death. The size and complexity of the manor, as envisioned by Gregor, contributed to the extremely long construction period of 4 years.

Brandt had been planning construction throughout his two terms as Governor of Kings, but finally began construction with the election of Peter Feinman, who was once Brandt's protege.

First expansion Edit

Under Russell Brandt, ...

Layout Edit

Statistics Edit

  • The main building is 32,450 sq. ft (3015 sq. m)
  • The property is estimated at 400 acres
  • The estimated value of the property (as of 2010) is $16,800,000

Family CemeteryEdit

Some people interred at the family cemtery at Brandt Manor are: